A Lille agency has 7 iMacs stolen … for the second time!

Make oneself steal 7 iMacs is already enough to make us angry, but then when it happens for the second time … This is unfortunately the case of the Lille agency Silicon Salad which, after being burgled last summer, has once again taken place loot his premises, a few days ago.

Olivier Ferlin, director of the Silicon Salad agency: It’s a whole team that finds itself technically unemployed for a few days, the time to reassemble our IT stock, reinstall our tools, redo our configurations (luckily TimeMachine is there for that! ), but so much time and energy wasted.

We can only regret this type of event and hope that 2014 will be calmer for the team. Good luck to them !

[vc_video link= »http://vimeo.com/81683097″]

Source: Silicon Salad agency website

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