Already nearly 90% adoption rate for iOS 15, unsurprisingly

A new analysis of mixpanel assures that nearly nine out of ten iPhones now run on iOS 15. Relatively reliable figures, because the tool analyzes the data streams of millions of devices. It can be compared to Google Analytics in some forms; it is also integrated with mobile sites.

Arriving late last year, iOS 15 is the last major update available for iPhones. It has since been followed by several other releases, the most recent of which is iOS 15.6 (only available in beta at the moment). On the menu of this version: a fix for the Apple Music application, which behaved in a rather strange way.

Worse than iOS 14

In reality, iOS 15 would have been entitled to less progress than iOS 14 for several reasons. The first is that Apple offered many more new features in 2020, while the following year was less provided. The second is perhaps hiding on the side of the bugsquite numerous in recent weeks and therefore perhaps less encouraging to install.

However, Apple can still boast of obtaining a much higher adoption rate than Android over the same period. The Cupertino publisher’s strategy is clear; it’s necessary download updates as soon as possible. With the objective of always guaranteeing the best possible layer of security to users. This also allows you to get more feedback on the testing of a software change, in record time.

Soon iOS 16

Anyway, the Worldwide Developer Conference which is approaching will normally be the opportunity to discover iOS 16. This version also promises to be full of new features, perhaps in terms of accessibility, Concentration mode or even iCloud Private Relay. To learn more about all the expected improvements, we invite you to consult this article.

And you, have you also installed iOS 15? It is not rare that on Mac some prefer to wait to avoid possible technical problems. But on iPhone, Apple chooses to block rollback after each update: in the event of an incident, it is therefore most often necessary to wait for the publication of a patch.

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