App Store: Apple touts its security efforts

User protection on the App Store is not an empty word. In any case, this is what Apple tried to demonstrate in a report published on Wednesday. The Tech giant thus specifies, for the years 2020 and 2021, to have stopped nearly 1.5 billion dollars in potentially fraudulent transactions and deleted no less than 1 million problematic applications in 2020, and 1.6 million in 2021.

Permanent monitoring by Apple teams

In detail, the tech giant also explains that it has deleted 94 million false reviews and 170 million notes for non-compliance with moderation status. The crackdown also fell on the side of developers with 802,000 accounts deleted for fraudulent activity.

Similarly, 63,500 applications were blocked because they were treated as ” pirate showcases “. Finally, no less than 3.3 million stolen credit cards were stopped in their attempts at potentially fraudulent transactions.

The apple brand specifies in addition to this report: “ Apple’s efforts to prevent and reduce App Store fraud require ongoing monitoring and vigilance by multiple teams. From reviewing apps to uncovering fraud, Apple’s ongoing commitment to protecting users from fraudulent app activity once again demonstrates why respected independent security experts have declared the App Store to be the safest place to find and download apps. »

This post is timely as the tech giant prepares to kick off WWDC next week. Similarly, we know that the Cupertino company often advances the argument of security on the App Store to oppose any additional regulations aimed at reducing its hold on the application store.

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