Apple releases “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro” to restart the NHL

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera the iPhone 11 Pro once again, Apple had the device glued to a hockey stick this time.

The special feature of iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is the 12 megapixel triple camera with ultra wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Apple likes to put this in its advertising again and again, for this the manufacturer uses, among other things, the “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro” videos, which are published from time to time. The most recent example of this is the restart of the National Hockey League (NHL) in the USA after the still drastically persistent corona crisis, the almost 40-second video “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro – Hockey Tape”. Two of the NHL stars, Marc-André Fleury and Mark Stone, whiz with their clubs happily and with loose sayings over the ice in a hall. To do this, they stick an iPhone 11 Pro with a tape, for example, on a hockey stick or on the goal post, so that the action is recorded dramatically and in the best quality – in Ultrawide and Slo-mo, as Apple emphasizes and can be seen impressively in the short video .

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