Best way to journal on a macbook air?

  1. Day One for Mac and iOS users.
  2. Diarium for Windows users.
  3. Penzu for secure journaling.
  4. Momento for social media power users.
  5. Grid Diary for templated journaling.
  6. Five Minute Journal for beginners.
  7. Dabble Me for journaling over email.
  8. Daylio for non-writers.

Also the question is, can you journal on a Macbook Air? Day One is a popular journal app that’s available for mobile devices as well as macOS. … Day One has some other standout features on Mac that you’ll enjoy: Enable your location and you can see your entries for each day plotted on a map. Use the calendar view to go back in time and add items or entries you missed.

Best answer for this question, does Apple have a journal app? Day One is a personal journaling app that is available across the entire iOS ecosystem (including iPads and a Mac app) and Android. This app is much more free-form than structured apps like Friday or the Five Minute Journal; it’s a bit more like an open-ended digital diary.

Additionally, how do I take good notes on my macbook air?

  1. Apple Notes for a simple notes app.
  2. Microsoft OneNote for a traditional solution.
  3. Bear for an Apple Notes upgrade.
  4. Obsidian for the most powerful note-taking app.
  5. Joplin for an open-source solution.

As many you asked, what is the best journal app?

  1. Reflection.
  2. Jour.
  3. Zinnia Journal & Planner.
  4. Prompted Journal.
  5. My Diary.
  6. Five Minute Journal.
  7. Longwalks.
  8. Reflect. This guided daily journal is relaxing to use simply because its interface is so soothing in and of itself.

Day One (Mac, iOS, watchOS, Android) Since its release in 2011, Day One has been one of the most highly recommended journaling apps, landing a spot as Apple’s Editors Choice in the App Store numerous times.

Can I use day one on my Mac?

Download for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Follow us on Instagram for tips, prompts, and beautiful photography to help you get the most from your journal. Day One is FREE to use with unlimited entries. Additional features are available with a Day One Premium membership.

What is the best free journal app?

  1. Journey – Best Travel Journal App for Android.
  2. Daybook – Best Free Journal App.
  3. Flexible Journal – Custom Journal App.
  4. Luci – Journal App for Dreams.
  5. Universum – Best Daily Journal App.
  6. Daylio – Journal App for Android.
  7. Diary Book – Travel Journal App for Android.
  8. Penzu – Bullet Journal App.

Is it better to journal on paper or computer?

If you are interested in keeping a journal that is easy to track and go back to, computer-based journaling is most likely your best bet.

Where can I journal online?

  1. Penzu. (
  2. Day One. (
  3. Diaro. (
  4. My Wonderful Days. (
  5. Journey. (
  6. Momento. (
  7. LiveJournal. (
  8. Evernote. (

How do you handwrite notes on a Macbook?

  1. From any opened note in edit mode, tap on the blue plus sign icon (+) in the note editor, then tap Sketch.
  2. Sketching tools appear on the left side of the screen. Select the pen or highlighter to start sketching notes with your mouse.
  3. Tap Done to save. Sketches are saved as .

Where do college notes go on Macbook?

OneNote. If you don’t love Evernote, OneNote is an absolutely great alternative. If you’ve already got Office for Mac, OneNote is included in your subscription. It features many more formatting options that Evernote, but the design concept is a little different.

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Is GoodNotes free on Mac?

GoodNotes 5 makes use of this option and offers the app as a single purchase across all iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. This means if you already bought GoodNotes on one of your devices, you can install it for free on any other device where you’re logged in to the same Apple ID.

Is Penzu really safe?

Penzu is an online journal which is designed to keep your secrets private and secure. It has 256-bit AES encryption, the same type of encryption as the United States Government uses. So it sounds perfectly safe.

What is the best online diary?

  1. Penzu.
  2. Day One.
  3. Diaro.
  4. My Wonderful Days.
  5. Journey.
  6. Momento.
  7. LiveJournal.
  8. Evernote.

Is Jour free?

As Jour deals with an influx of new users, it’s keeping the entire app and all of its features free, though eventually, the team plans to add a paywall to some of the guided content.

What is the best diary app for Mac?

  1. Journaling apps for Mac.
  2. Day One.
  3. Diarly: Diary, Journal & Notes.
  4. Reflection – Personal Journal.
  5. Morning Pages – Daily Journal.
  6. Diarium – Journal / Diary.

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