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Whether you bought the last one iPhone 12 or whether you have an older version, your iPhone can be very useful when you are driving. You benefit from various accessories at your disposal for your comfort. These accessories are very practical and allow you to charge your smartphone in the car in order to use the GPS or to listen to music on the go.

In this article, discover the accessories you need for your comfort in the car.


Find the right model of iPhone car charger

To be always connected, you can equip yourself with a suitable charger allowing you to charge your iPhone throughout your journey in the car.

There are chargers such as:

USB car charger

Cigarette lighter chargers allow you to use the energy of your car to charge the various devices connected by Usb like smartphones, tablets as well as GPS when your car’s engine is running. Thus, you will find on our site very many models of ccigarette lighter loaders at affordable prices such as:

  • the Dual Car Fast : This charger is lightweight, compact and universal and allows you to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices recharging by Usb, it is suitable for users looking to charge their iPhone quickly in the car.
  • Car charger Usb-c and USB-A Satechi : this type of cigarette lighter charger can be preferred by users who want to quickly charge their iPhone and their Mac simultaneously during their daily trips.
  • Qi wireless charger or by induction for car

    You can also buy an accessory of type wireless charger or by induction. Discover our selection according to your budget:

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  • The charger Scosche VentMount Qi : with an average budget, you can acquire this type of charger. It allows you to charge your iPhone or any other smartphone compatible with Qi wireless charging while driving!
  • Scosche VentMount Qi
  • The induction charger BOOST UP Belkin : equip yourself with this charger allowing you to recharge your iPhone or Samsung smartphone while using your GPS or making calls. Ideal for users looking for a high-end charger that is compatible with your protective case.
  • Belkin stand with induction charger plugged into a phoneBelkin Car Holder with Induction Charger

    IPhone stands: making the right choice

    You hesitate to buy an iPhone holder for your car? We show you why to buy a phone holder for your car and how to make the right choice.

    Why buy a car phone holder?

    Allowing the driver to concentrate and drive more safely is the main purpose of an in-car phone holder. Indeed, thanks to the phone holder, the driver can take advantage of his music library or his GPS route during his journey without having to touch his screen and therefore concentrates on his driving.

    How to choose your car phone holder?

    It is essential to take the time to make the right choice of your car phone holder in order to enjoy maximum comfort in the car. For this purpose, you can determine your choice based on:

    Smartphone support compatibility

    You must ensure that the dimensions match between your smartphone and the car holder. Thus, some brands such as Apple and Samsung offer a car mount adapted to their brand.

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    The type of fixing

    Some models of phone mounts attach with a suction cup directly on the windshield while others are installed on the aeration grid. You will find many models on the market that meet different dashboards and different usage patterns:

  • Suction cup phone holder
  • This type of mount is equipped with an articulated arm that swings up and down and can be attached to the windshield or dashboard of the car. The purchase of this type of phone holder allows you to attach it to the location of your choice via the suction cup.

  • Smartphone holder at the ventilation grille
  • These are the brackets that slip into the air duct of your car. It is discreet and practical. The support is not suitable for all types of ventilation ducts, therefore compatibility must be checked.

  • Laptop holder to slide into CD slot
  • Equipped with a clip, these brackets slide very easily into the CD player slot on your vehicle’s dashboard. This model of stand is ideal if you don’t use your drive often.

  • Magnetic Phone Holder
  • Thanks to one or more magnets, this type of mount can be fixed anywhere on the dashboard of your car. Discreet, you just have to put a magnet on the back of your phone that sticks to this support. A perfect accessory for drivers in a hurry!

  • Clip-on phone holder
  • Do you need a reliable support that allows you to fix either your GPS or your smartphone in a perfectly stable way? The clip-on phone mounts can easily be removed from your car’s dashboard without leaving a trace.

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    Maintaining the phone

    Your smartphone can be held either with a magnet or with a hook.

    Top 3 Bluetooth FM Transmitters for Car

    Wireless accessory, the FM transmitter allows you to listen to musical contents by transmitting them on a specific FM channel. Very practical, this device can be plugged into thelighter from your car via an adapter.

    There are several models of car transmitters with different versions on the market. Entry-level models exist, as do more sophisticated models with a memory card or one SD : find in our catalog many references adapted to your expectations.

  • the Novodio Streamy : connected to the cigarette lighter from your car, this type of transmitter accessible to all allows you to listen to your music available on your smartphone or micro-SD card. It is an essential accessory when your car is not equipped with an auxiliary audio jack or Bluetooth.
  • Novodio Streamy charger Novodio Streamy
  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter with charger function and hands-free kit: with this multifunction FM transmitter, you can connect your smartphone or tablet. You benefit from optimal comfort during your calls thanks to the hands-free kit function.
  • YONIS bluetooth transmitter Cigarette lighter KIT black colorYONIS Bluetooth FM Transmitter Cigarette Lighter Hands Free Kit

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