CyberGhost VPN Shows Its Best Price of 2022

Although it is not always obvious to realize it, surfing the net represents risks. Fortunately, you can equip yourself with a VPN to protect yourself. Such software will encrypt your data and hide your IP address, but also give you access to more advanced options such as bypassing geo-blocks.

And if you have already done some research in this area, you may be familiar with CyberGhost. This provider is currently offering 83% discount + 3 months free on its 3-year plan. It thus becomes accessible for only €1.99 per month instead of €11.99.

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Why CyberGhost VPN is an excellent choice

If you are still hesitant to choose CyberGhost VPN despite its very good reputation, let us briefly introduce it to you. This software was created during the year 2011, and it therefore has a certain expertise in the world of cybersecurity. To protect you, this VPN does not do things by halves.

With CyberGhost, you will benefit from advanced encryption of your browsing data, but also from the complete camouflage of your IP address. You will therefore be able to browse anonymously, but also say goodbye to the risks of online espionage.

For added security, CyberGhost even offers you the Kill Switch option. This blocks your web traffic if you accidentally disconnect the VPN, so your data can never be accidentally exposed.

But while CyberGhost is great for your online security, it’s great in other areas too. This software is particularly popular for P2P downloading since it has specialized servers for this use. And since it’s a very fast VPN, that makes it perfect for downloading torrents smoothly and risk-free. Dedicated servers for streaming are also available.

Speaking of CyberGhost’s network, you should know that it has more than 7,800 servers located in 91 countries. You will be able to thwart all geo-blockings from all your devices, thanks to its multi-media application. The latter adapts to PC, tablet, smartphone, but also console, Smart TV and certain compatible routers.

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The CyberGhost offer at -83% + 3 months free

If you’re looking for a high-performance VPN, but also a cheap VPN, then CyberGhost’s current offer is for you. The latter allows you to benefit from an immediate 83% discount on the price of the subscription to the service but also from 3 months free.

Valid on the 3-year VPN subscription, this promotion applies automatically to any new subscription. So, if you choose CyberGhost VPN’s 3-year subscription, you’ll get not 36 months, but 39 months of protection.

And for this duration of coverage, CyberGhost only asks you for a one-time payment of €77.61, whereas in normal times, you would have to pay €467. This reduction therefore allows you to save around €390, and therefore reduces the monthly cost price from €11.99 to only €1.99.

This promotion is all the more attractive as it comes with 7 simultaneous connections and a 45-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. You can therefore subscribe without further delay, because you will have a month and a half to try the software without stress and obtain a refund if you ever reconsider your decision.

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