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Who does not dream of being able download music legally and
free ?

It is a service offered by the French company Beezik
launched in September 2009. It allows you to choose from a catalog of
more than three million tracks. The model is based on
the remuneration of artists via sponsors. In
counterpart, the download indeed requires viewing an advertisement,
it is this publicity which essentially finances the title.

The good news for iPhone and iPod Touch owners is that a
dedicated Beezik iPhone app is available and it allows
of find your titles on his mobile machine, create his
palylists and listen to iTunes music!

The app too free,
is offered here on the AppStore

Here it is in pictures:



It looks magical 😉 Who is a user of the service and
the app? Are you satisfied with it?

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Thanks to Tim for the email yesterday, ahead of CP!

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