Downloading the wallpaper for the new iPhone Xs is already possible!

Yesterday evening was rich in information, official first with the confirmation by Apple of its back-to-school conference for Wednesday, September 12. But we were also treated to rare leaks, photos apparently from Apple’s marketing revealed before their time. the new Apple Watch but also iPhone Xs 2018including a model with a large screen: the iPhone Xs Plus.

These, with a new golden color of the most beautiful effect, display a wallpaper which might be of interest to some. For this, the 9to5mac site has reconstituted the latter and offers it for download. So no need to wait for the release of iOS 12 to download this iPhone XS 2018 wallpaper representing a priori the planet Jupiter :

It is available here, thanks to 9to5mac for that.

We note that a part is not perfectly defined, it is the one that was missing on the original image.

Lovers for this wallpaper?

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