For Christmas: two free eBooks to download on iPhone and iPad


Let this be a first
machine found under the tree, or a new one equipped with the latest
functions, you may be lucky enough at the end of the year to take advantage of the
latest from Apple.

Whether iPhone or iPad, at, we try to help you all
the year with practical articles,
advice and other discoveries
of apps. But that’s not all !

In fact, this year we launched two e-books
to accompany the discovery of the machines, but also to help to benefit from them
better. These two eBooks were a great success, very downloaded, we had the
good surprise to find them in iTunes Best Sellers
to the 3rd and
the 4th place of the most downloaded electronic books in

The first is dedicated to essential applicationsthe
second presents recent tips and tricksin connection with the
important changes arrived with iOS 7 and iOS 8:



They are free, take advantage of them!

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