Good deal: Ridge Racer Slipstream iPhone/iPad to download for free


Ridge Racer,
a well-known signature in the world of car racing games version
arcade, of course present on iOS.

Good news, within the framework of the monthly promotion of the IGN site, which
has already earned us the ability to download good titles like Hitman, for example the
last month is Ridge Racer Slipstream who is
Free at the beginning of November.

But beware, if the game
Ridge Racer Slipstream is offered here on the App Store for the usual price of
2.69 euros, you are used to it now, it’s not by the way
through the app store you can download the game for free
by following the procedure below:

Ridge Racer Slipstream is very focused on skids who
allow you to then give a boost, it offers very beautiful
circuits, cars to improve and several racing modes including a
multiplayer up to 8 people.

Here is the video game:

To download it for free

To retrieve the download code, you must go

here on the IGN website
then click on ‘Get My Free

A unique code will then be generated (be careful, the number of codes is
limited, the duration of the promo too) and, by clicking on it,
you will be redirected to the App Store where after entering the password of
your Apple ID, you just need to tap on ‘redeem’ (at the top
right of the screen) for the game to start downloading.



If it is indicated that the code is already used, do not panic, it is that
the “purchase” has been made. Then go to your purchases in the App Store
and you should find the game there, all you have to do is install it. If he isn’t
not displayed with a small cloud, it means that the manipulation did not work, in this
case, you will have to start again and generate a new code.

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WARNING : at no time do you have to buy it through the app
you would be invoicethat would be a shame.

There you go, the game is being installed, it’s yours and you can
enjoy the next updates from the App Store, as if you had it
bought directly! Perfect to start a long weekend for those who
have the chance to make the bridge.

It functioned ?


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