Google Pixel 6a dummy unit reveals major design changes — goodbye headphone jack

We now have more apparent evidence that the Google Pixel 6a’s design could be inspired by the Pixel 6, thanks to images of a metal dummy unit shared by xleaks7 and, somewhat bizarrely, a fashion company called Fathom Bracelets.  

No word is given as to where the model has appeared from, but it certainly feels plausible. Just as Pixel ‘a’ phones of the past have resembled their full-fat siblings, it would make sense for the Pixel 6a to inherit the same camera bar — especially given the handset is rumored to contain the same 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor as Google’s latest flagship. 

Google Pixel 6a metal dummy

The metal model also backs up other things the previous leak suggested. The same under-screen fingerprint sensor introduced for the Pixel 6 returns, though hopefully with the sensitivity enhancements Google provided present from day one. 

And unfortunately there’s no sign of the 3.5mm headphone jack. That’s surprising, in a sense, given Google made an advert promoting the audio jack’s presence on the Pixel 5a.

Google Pixel 6a metal dummy

Elsewhere, the metal mold features a USB-C port on the bottom, alongside dual speaker grilles. The report adds that it’s “going to be pretty thick,” though no specific dimensions are mentioned. 

We would assume it’ll have a plastic back to save on costs, and be powered by a lower-spec version of Google’s new Tensor chip. But this is pure speculation on our part, and it could equally pack a low-cost Qualcomm SoC. 

Google Pixel 6a metal dummy

Hopefully, the Pixel 6a will make a bigger splash than its predecessor. While undoubtedly a very good mid-range phone, chip shortages made people openly speculate that the Pixel 5a might be cancelled, and when it was eventually released, it was only available in the U.S. and Japan. 

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There’s no word on the Pixel 6a’s release date, but if it’s pegged for early 2022, it’ll likely have some stiff opposition. Not only might we finally be seeing Samsung’s much delayed Galaxy S21 FE, but Apple is also rumored to have the iPhone SE 3 primed for a Q1 release too. 

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