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Many of you read us from the i-nfo.fr iOS app. But you are also numerous to read us every day from our website, iphon.fr. Whatever the platform from which you consult our articles, let us first of all thank you for your loyalty over all these years.

Let’s take advantage of this article to take stock of the app, i-nfo.fr. It had a major update a little over a year ago, with a complete overhaul of its interface, the addition of dark mode and new features. Let’s see once again how the app is built, with the idea of ​​allowing you to better use it, or to present it to you, if you don’t know it yet.


When you open the app, you come across the “Top Stories” page. This gives you quick access to the news feed via the “Recent” tab, to the feed of the most commented recent articles via the “Popular” tab and to current deals via the “Good deals” tab.

New i-nfo.fr app on iPhone

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As you know, we offer you weekly guides and tutorials to better control your iPhone, your iPad, or even your Mac. All these articles can be found on the “Guides” page.

My Home

The “My Home” page will allow you to build your own newsfeed according to specific themes: iOS 15, iOS 16, Applications, Services, etc. You will also find here all your articles put in favorites.

In a future article, we will fly over other specificities of the app. In the meantime, feel free to let us know your feedback in the comments of this article. On this subject, we know that the need to create an account to comment can be annoying, but it is an effective way to fight spam, unfortunately inevitable… So we strongly encourage you to skip the registration to comment on our articles. Once registered, you are quiet! And then we particularly appreciate reading your feedback under the articles. We can also answer your questions in comments, when other readers have not already found the solution to your problem.

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Finally, and this is the sinews of war on the App Store, if you have downloaded the app and you like it, do not hesitate to give a good note on the card of this one in the Apple app store. This is crucial for us and we greatly appreciate every new good rating left by a happy user.

We are currently working on several app improvements, as well as bug fixes and interface improvements. What feature would you like to see appear in the app in a future release?

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