Here’s how to download the Slow Shutter app for iPhone and iPad for free


Regularly, Apple offers an application
to users of its Apple Store app. This is the case today with
the excellent app Slow Shutter.

But be careful, it is not by going to the App Store that you will
can download it for free,
it is indeed still there at 1.99 euros.

In fact, you have to go through
Apple’s ‘Apple Store’ application available and free here.


First, a few words about this application. Slow Shutter allows you to
play with the shooting time in order to create varied effects and
superb, especially when it comes to capturing objects in
movement. It was particularly honored in the gallery of creations
offered by Apple on its site: see this article

And now, how to install it for free?

Open the Apple Store app or install it if you haven’t already and choose
the ‘Selection’ tab. All that remains is to descend a little to discover the
mention App Slow Shutter! free and click on it.
gone, we can start the download! For this, a display
offers the name of the app with a big “Download for free” button,
press it.


Update: if this banner is not present, then another solution
(thanks to the comments) consists of going to a store’s page and
go all the way down below “One to one”.

The App Store app then opens, pre-populated with a promo code. It’s that
code that allows free download. Enter your secret code associated with the
iTunes account and confirm, the download should start on its own. If this
is not the case, validate the promo code.

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Warning : at no time should you go directly through
the App Store on your machine and at no time should a price be displayed
before downloading,
if so, you did not follow well
instructions, start again!

Once downloaded, the app is yours, it is associated with
your account and can be updated and installed on your iPhone, iPad
with your regular App Store account.

A particularly elaborate and creative app, don’t miss it,
especially at this price 😉

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