How to delete a imac user account?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Users & Groups. If the lock at the bottom left is locked , click it to unlock the preference pane. Select the user or group you want to delete, then click the Remove button (looks like a minus sign) below the list of users.

As many you asked, why can’t I delete admin account on Mac? Open the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences, unlock it, select that account, and push the – button. If you’re using Fast User Switching, you need to log out of the account you want to delete.

Moreover, can not delete user account on Mac? Open the security lock by providing the administrator password, select Users under Viewing option and /Local/Defaults under “in node” option, now select the user account you want to delete, and Click on the Edit menu and select>Delete.

Similarly, how do I delete an existing user account? On the Settings window, click “Accounts”. Click “Family & other users” in the left pane on the Accounts screen. In the right pane on the Accounts screen, scroll down to the Other users section where other user accounts are listed. Click on the account you want to delete.

Also the question is, how long does it take to delete a Mac user? In my case it indicated a one pass random erase would take about 9 hours, and a one pass zero fill erase would take about 1 hour. One step which should be added to this list is to remove the incomplete DMG backup file of the user’s account, created by the interrupted task.

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How do I delete an admin account on Mac terminal?

How do I force a Mac to delete a user?

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to a user account with admin priviledges.
  2. Open System Preferences and click Users.
  3. Select the account you’d like to delete and tap the – icon just under Login Options.
  4. Choose whether you’d like to save or delete the home folder.
  5. Click Delete User.

How do I delete hidden users on Mac?

  1. Follow the command to Delete a User Account. $ sudo /usr/bin/dscl . – delete /Users/ $ sudo /usr/bin/dscl . – delete /Users/dylan.
  2. List all User Accounts. $ /usr/bin/dscl . – list /Users.
  3. Show a User Account Information.

Why is it taking so long to delete a user account on my Mac?

If your system gets stuck while trying to delete a user account, it’s rather likely that you chose the option to save the home folder to a disk image. … Select Delete the home folder option and click on Delete User. You can also use Don’t change the home folder option if you want to manually remove the home folder.

How do I delete a user account on my computer?

  1. Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Access work or school.
  2. Select the account you wish to remove, then select Disconnect.
  3. Select Yes to confirm your actions. Note that this will not delete the account entirely, it will just remove access from your PC.

Which command is used to delete a user account?

The userdel command deletes a user account from the system. So, the correct option is c) userdel username.

How do I delete a Windows administrator account?

  1. Click the Windows Start button. This button is located in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Then choose Accounts.
  4. Select Family & other users.
  5. Choose the admin account you want to delete.
  6. Click on Remove.
  7. Finally, select Delete account and data.

Does deleting a user on Mac delete files?

Thanks. If you are using OS X Mavericks, the user files will be deleted. If you are using an older Mac OS X version like OS X Mountain Lion, System Preferences will let you choose if you want to keep the files or to remove them.

How long does it take to delete an account on discord?

The account will be in a “pending deletion” state and will be deleted in 14 days. Attempting to login into your account at any time during the 14 days will result in a dialog box popping up, which asks if the user wants to restore their account.

How do you close an unresponsive program on a Mac?

  1. You may be able to find “Force Quit” in the Apple drop-down menu.
  2. Use the “Force Quite Applications” menu to shut down an erring app.
  3. You’ll find Activity Monitor in the Applications’ Utility folder.
  4. Once you’ve found the app, click the “x” icon at the top of the list.

How do I permanently erase my Mac hard drive?

  1. Turn on your Mac and continue to press and hold the power button until the startup options window comes up.
  2. When the Utilities window appears, select Disk Utility.
  3. In the sidebar, choose Macintosh HD.
  4. Click the “Erase” button, then select a file system format and enter a name for it.

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