How to delete junk mail on my imac?

  1. Choose Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items, then choose an account.
  2. In the Mail sidebar, Control-click a Trash mailbox, then choose Erase Deleted Items.

Moreover, how do I delete all junk mail at once on Mac?

  1. 1) Click Mail > Preferences from your menu bar.
  2. 2) Select the Accounts tab.
  3. 3) Pick an account and click Mailbox Behaviors.
  4. 4) Confirm the Junk Mailbox.
  5. 5) Below Junk Mailbox, you’ll see Erase junk messages.

Subsequently, how do I empty the junk on my Mac?

Additionally, how do I delete all of my junk mail at once? If you want to remove all of them, you can do exactly that. Under the search box, you’ll find a button titled ‘Delete all spam messages now’. Click it and confirm your action by pressing OK.

Considering this, how do I delete junk mail on my Mac without opening it? There is another way to delete all of the junk mails in one action without opening any of them. Tap the Junk Folder. Tap Edit in the upper right part of the preview pane and then tap on Delete All at the bottom of the preview pane.

  1. On your Android device, open Files by Google .
  2. On the bottom left, tap Clean .
  3. On the “Junk Files” card, tap. Confirm and free up.
  4. Tap See junk files.
  5. Select the log files or temporary app files you want to clear.
  6. Tap Clear .
  7. On the confirmation pop up, tap Clear.


How do I empty the mail app on my Mac?

  1. Open up Terminal window.
  2. Go to Applications folder by typing in the appropriate command. The command is cd /Applications/ .
  3. Type in the next command, which is sudo rm -rf Mail. app/ .
  4. Hit enter.
  5. Type in your password. Your Mail app will be deleted.
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How do you delete a file that won’t Delete on a Mac?

Type in “rm -f ” without the quotation marks, and with the space after the f. Then find the file that wont delete, and drag it to the Terminal window, and the path to that item should appear. Double check that this is the thing you want to delete, then press enter.

How do I clean out my Mac?

  1. Clean up cache. You’ve probably heard “Remove your cache” as a web browser troubleshooting tip.
  2. Uninstall apps you don’t use.
  3. Clean out useless duplicates.
  4. Empty the Trash.
  5. Reduce clutter.
  6. Delete large and old files.
  7. Remove old iOS backups.
  8. Wipe out Language files.

How do I get rid of ghost files on Mac?

  1. Select one of the items in the Finder and open the Info window.
  2. Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
  3. ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U.

How do I clean up junk mail?

  1. Mark as spam.
  2. Delete spam emails.
  3. Keep your email address private.
  4. Use a third-party spam filter.
  5. Change your email address.
  6. Unsubscribe from email lists.

How do I empty my junk mail?

  1. Open the Junk E-mail Options dialog box. Outlook 2010 and later versions: On the Home tab on the Ribbon, select Junk, and then select Junk E-mail Options.
  2. On the Options tab, clear the Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder option.
  3. Select OK.
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How do I permanently delete junk mail from my iPhone?

  1. when you swipe left, you will see the Trash option.
  2. when you tap ‘Edit’ in Inbox, you will see the Trash option.
  3. when you tap ‘Edit’ in Trash or Junk, you will see the Delete option.
  4. when you open a message, you will see the Trash icon to delete.

Should you empty your junk mail?

Be sure to empty your junk folder at least every thirty (30) days. If you find a message that is clearly not relevant, you can highlight it and click Junk. … Sometimes messages may be put in the Junk folder that are not really junk mail. Drag those messages to another folder.

How do I delete unwanted emails without opening them?

To delete a section: Highlight the first one you want to delete. Scroll down to the last one and click on it while holding the Shift key down. – Delete. To delete multiple messages that are interspersed: Hold down the Ctrl key while you click on each message to highlight.

Why do deleted emails reappear on my Mac?

Deleted messages reappear — If you remove a message from your inbox, either by deleting or moving it to a new mailbox, then it should disappear. … Incorrect message counts — Mailboxes may show incorrect numbers of total messages, or incorrectly report the number of unread messages even if the total is correct.

How do you force Delete on a Mac?

  1. Launch the Terminal.
  2. Type “sudo*rm*-R*”
  3. Drag the files you want to delete files after this command.
  4. Confirm.
  5. Give an Administrator password.
  6. Confirm.
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