How to delete overcast podcasts from apple watch?

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap “Podcasts” from the list of apps.
  3. In the “Add Episodes From” section, check to see if “Custom” is selected.
  4. To delete all the stored podcasts at once, tap “Up Next” in the “Add Episodes From” section.

You asked, how do you delete overcast episodes? Played episodes are removed from your player automatically. There are two ways to delete a partially played or unwanted episode using VoiceOver. With the title highlighted, double-tap on the screen, swipe left, and then double-tap the delete button.

People ask also, can I delete podcast app from my Apple Watch? Currently, Apple Watch owners can easily remove the third-party apps they install from the App Store. They can either press and hold on the app to make it wiggle, then tap the “X” that appears to delete it, or they can go into the Apple Watch app settings and toggle off the switch that says “Show on Apple Watch.”

Likewise, why won’t my Apple podcasts delete? On the iPhone, try Settings->General->iPhone Storage->Podcasts That will list episodes still downloaded on your device. You should be able to delete from there.

Furthermore, how do I stop podcasts from taking up storage?

  1. Open the Podcasts app.
  2. Tap the Library tab.
  3. Scroll through the list and select any shows from which you no longer want to receive new episodes automatically.
  4. Tap the options (…) button, then tap Custom Settings.
  5. Choose Download Episodes, then select Off.


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How do I delete multiple podcasts on my iPhone?

  1. Open the Podcasts App.
  2. Open My Podcasts.
  3. Select the Podcast That You Want to Trim Down.
  4. Tap on Edit (This will show you the episodes in list form. Check all the ones that you want to delete)
  5. Tap on Delete.

What is the best podcast app?

  1. Apple Podcasts.
  2. Google Podcasts.
  3. Spotify.
  4. Audible.
  5. Stitcher.
  6. TuneIn Radio.

How do you delete preinstalled apps on Apple Watch?

  1. Touch and hold the app you want to get rid of until it jiggles.
  2. Tap the X button to delete.
  3. Press the home button (or the digital crown if you’re doing it on your watch) to complete.

How do I completely remove an app from my iPhone?

Remove an app from the Home Screen: Touch and hold the app on the Home Screen, tap Remove App, then tap Remove from Home Screen to keep it in App Library, or tap Delete App to delete it from iPhone. Delete an app from App Library and Home Screen: Touch and hold the app in App Library, tap Delete App, then tap Delete.

How do you delete things from your Apple Watch?

Press the Digital Crown to turn off the icon jiggling. If the Home screen is in List View, swipe through the list until you see the app you wish to delete. Swipe the app’s entry to the left and tap the trash can icon.

How do I delete podcasts from my library?

  1. Tap on the menu button and tap on Library.
  2. Tap on Podcasts.
  3. Tap and hold on the podcast you want to remove from your library.
  4. Tap Remove from library.
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How do I delete podcasts from my iPhone 2021?

Step 1: Go to “Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage”. Step 2: Choose Podcasts and find the podcasts you want to delete. Step 3: Swipe it to the left and tap delete.

How do I manage podcasts on my iPhone?

  1. Open the Podcasts App.
  2. Tap on Library.
  3. Find the episode you want to listen to and tap Details.
  4. Tap the three dots.
  5. Choose Play Next. A pop-up will confirm that the episode was Added to Queue. You can also select Play Last if you want to add it to the end of your Queue.

Do podcasts take up storage?

If you listen to a lot of podcasts on your iPhone and iPad, especially downloaded podcasts for offline listening, chances are they’re gradually taking up valuable storage space on your device. Fortunately, you can clear this data whenever you want and with ease.

How do I delete podcast storage on my iPhone?

To delete podcasts, go to iPhone Storage > Podcasts and click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Then click the red minus sign next to a podcast and then the delete button that appears. When you delete a podcast, all the episodes will be removed.

Do downloaded podcasts take up storage?

But unless you have adjusted the app’s settings to delete old downloaded episodes after you have listened to them, all those old shows pile up and gobble storage space. … You can also apply specific settings for downloading and deleting to individual podcasts.

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