How to download the certificate on mobile to go out during confinement?

Since March 17, all citizens of our country have been forced to stay at home, a measure to limit the spread of COVID-19. Only are not affected by the confinement those who need to run essential errands, cannot telecommute, or need to attend critical medical appointments (among other things).

To be eligible, you have to fill out a form created by the government, which just wasn’t accepted in digital version. Fortunately, Christophe Castaner finally chose to put in place such an alternative, much more practical than having to print or write the document yourself.

How to download the digital derogatory certificate on iPhone?

To get the file on your smartphone, there are now several ways:

The other method is to complete the questionnaire on this webpage. A QR code will then be provided at the end of the process, which must be saved to present to the authorities in the event of an inspection.

The gendarmes are responsible for scanning the image to display your information (release date, contact details and reason for exemption) on their own professional telephone, a Sony under a modified version of Android. According to official state sources, the personal data collected is not not preserved nor collected in a national database.

Nevertheless, according to our colleagues fromiGenwho got their hands on screenshots of the constabulary app, these personal data are indeed stored locally on law enforcement devices. Surely to avoid abuse and detect passages that are too regular. However, there are other strategies to fight against COVID-19 while respecting confidentiality thanks to the GPS of our iPhones.

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