How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone, iPad Using “Workflow” App


For data plan reasons,
air travel, or even poor network coverage, of users
may want download youtube videos to their camera roll
to be able to see and listen to them at any

There is a method published this weekend on the MobileAddict YouTube channel
(that of an editor from our team), which allows you to download videos
YouTube on an iPhone and iPad using the Workflow app, acquired by Apple
and available now for free on the App Store.

here is how to download youtube videos from
iPhones and iPads

  • You have to go to the App Store and download the app
    available here on the App Store.
  • Launch the Safari browser, then go to Google and type in the
    search engine “workflow download youtube audio” or
    youtube download workflow“.
  • Click on the first search result or on this link
    from iPhone.
  • This will launch the Workflow app, and then press “Get
    ” to install this recipe for downloading
    YouTube videos.
  • Now we need launch the official YouTube app and this
    render on a video to download.
  • Once on the video page, press the button
    To share” below the video, and scroll down the list
    sharing options to the right, and tap
  • In the share menu of iOS, we must press the extension “Run
    “, if this is not proposed, it must be activated by
    pressing “Other” and checking “Run Workflow”.


  • After pressing the “Run Workflow” extension, select the recipe
    previously downloaded and which is called “Download Video &
  • A progress bar for downloading the video is displayed, a
    once it is finished, the app offers several options, you must
    to select “Save as Video“, which will show a preview of
    the downloaded video
  • now just press the share button
    bottom left
    from the preview and select “Save
  • And now the YouTube video has been saved in the
    photographic film
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As a bonus, the Workflow recipe also offers to extract audio from a
video and save it as an MP3 file to listen to in any
what a reader.

Important point, this method helps to download YouTube videos
directly from the official app, however it does not work not
with all videos
and especially some music videos
who are protected
against this download method.

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