How to fix flexgate macbook pro 15 inch?

Since the issue often takes time to manifest, the affected ‌MacBook Pro‌ units can be outside of Apple’s one-year warranty period when they start exhibiting symptoms, resulting in an out-of-warranty repair fee of up to $850.

Frequent question, can you fix Flexgate? Flexgate has been fixed! There is finally a professional fix for the Flexgate issues that people with a MacBook from 2016 or later are seemingly running into on a daily basis now.

Also, which Macbooks are affected by Flexgate? The ‌Flexgate‌ problem affected MacBook Pro models released in 2016 and 2017, some of which began exhibiting uneven lighting at the bottom of the screen after a few years. This “stage light” effect could lead the backlighting system to fail entirely.

Similarly, is Flexgate repair free? The service program states that the eligible 2016 models affected by the display issue can get the repair service free of charge, and customers who already paid for the repair can get a refund. … However, they do not treat customers who should be eligible for the program fairly.

Quick Answer, do MacBook Pros Bend? It bends. If they used a stronger aluminum alloy it would probably fix the problem but then the price goes up. … Unfortunately that is the nature of aluminum, it bends quite easily. Last week I had my new MacBook Pro sitting on my bed and my dog came along and knocked it off.


How do I fix my MacBook screen?

  1. Shut down your Mac by going Apple menu >Shutdown.
  2. Update the OS on your Mac.
  3. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC).
  4. Reset the PRAM (or NVRAM).
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Does Flexgate get worse?

The problem gets worse if a person opens the screen more than halfway, and sometimes the display can give out completely. For owners, this means having to pay for a screen replacement instead of the minor cost of replacing two wires.

Why are there lights at the bottom of my Mac screen?

Starting with the 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple has used a pair of flexible ribbon cables that are pulled tight every time you open the lid on the computer. That may be damaging them over time. As the cable breaks down, it can cause an odd “stage light” effect at the bottom of the display when the lid is fully opened.

How can I fix my MacBook Pro screen?

  1. Restart Your Mac.
  2. Make Sure Your Mac’s Display Is Plugged in and Turned On.
  3. Reset the PRAM/NVRAM.
  4. Reset the SMC.
  5. Test in Safe Mode.
  6. Software Issues.
  7. Hardware Issues.

How do I fix my MacBook backlight?

Please open the “System Preferences” window from the Apple menu and select “Displays”. Enable “Automatically adjust brightness” and your Mac will use the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness. Disable this option and your MacBook will not perform this operation.

Why are MacBook screens so fragile?

When Apple designed the MacBook Pro with a Retina display they removed the protective layer of glass from the screen, which increases your risk of damage to the screen — usually the most fragile part of your laptop.

Why does my MacBook turn off when I open it all the way?

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Overheating, software errors, incorrect permissions and malfunctioning hardware can each cause a MacBook to suddenly shut itself down. Fixing software glitches or heating problems can often be fixed yourself at no cost, but if an internal component is malfunctioning, you may have to take the MacBook in for repair.

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook screen?

If you have a MacBook with a Retina display screen (pretty standard equipment these days, but not with the older MacBooks) you can expect to spend between $455 and $755 replacing the screen completely at the Apple Store. Tier 4 Accidental Damage is $655, then an additional $100 Labor Charge for a total of $755.

When I open my MacBook Pro all the way the screen goes black?

Reset the System Management Controller To reset the SMC, shut down your Mac and connect it to power if it isn’t already. Hold down the Shift+Control+Option+Power buttons for a few seconds, all at once. Release them all at the same time and power the Mac back on to see if the black display is fixed.

How do I unbend my laptop?

If someone dropped your machine, then you probably have a bona fide bend in the top case. Most Powerbook users fix this the cheap and easy way: they lean the bent corner over a table or desk edge and gently press down with their palms until the aluminum bends back into place.

How do you reset a MacBook with a broken screen?

  1. Power it off (hold the power button if necessary)
  2. Plug in USB keyboard and mouse.
  3. Plug in external monitor.
  4. Press the power button to turn it on.
  5. Close the lid immediately.
  6. OS will boot to using the external display.
  7. Wipe drive.
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