How to get cc on macbook pro?

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Captions. Open the Captions pane for me.
  2. Do any of the following: Enable closed captions and SDH: Select the “Prefer closed captions and SDH” checkbox.

Considering this, how do you get CC on a Macbook?

  1. At the top of your computer screen, choose Apple () menu > System Preferences > Accessibility.
  2. Click Captions in the sidebar.
  3. Select “Prefer closed captions and SDH” to turn it on.

Beside above, how do I put subtitles on my Macbook Pro? Select “View > Subtitles,” and then select your language of choice. In Playback control, click the subtitles button, which looks like this: If you have a newer Mac with a touch bar, then press and hold the subtitles button.

Subsequently, how do I get Sims 4 on my Macbook Pro?

  1. Download Origin for Mac on
  2. Log in with the same EA Account that you use to play The Sims 4 on PC.
  3. Select the My Game Library tab and click on The Sims 4.
  4. Click Download and The Sims 4 will start to download in your Origin Library.

In this regard, how do I turn on CC on my computer?

  1. On a Windows 10 PC that’s playing a video, right-click or tap-and-hold anywhere on the video. A menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap or click the CC icon.
  3. Tap or click the language you want to see closed captions in. Closed captioning will now appear on your screen.

You need to change the QuickTime Player settings in order to view closed captions or subtitles. Navigate to Edit > Preference > Play Preferences and check the boxes “Show closed captioning when available” and “Show subtitles when available”.

How do I put subtitles on VLC Macbook?

  1. Open the video you wish to watch.
  2. Tap on the speech balloon icon, next to the big play icon.
  3. Tap on Subtitles track to check subtitles are turned on.
  4. Choose Subtitle delay from the speech balloon menu.

How do I turn off captions on my Macbook?

  1. Navigate to Settings. Open your main menu and navigate to the Settings option with your Apple TV remote.
  2. Click General. Next, click on General within Settings.
  3. Click Accessibility. You’ll see an option to see Accessibility features, click on that.
  4. Click Closed Captions + SDH.

How do I turn off subtitles on Macbook?

Turn closed captioning on and off Choose Features > Turn On Closed Captioning. Choose Features > Turn Off Closed Captioning. Press Option-Command-T.

How do I open a SRT file on a Mac?

For Mac OS X you can open SRT files using ObjectifMac D-Subtitler, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, and SubCleaner. You can also open and view SRT files by using TextEdit for Mac. Simply locate and click on the SRT file to open it in the TextEdit program.

Can I play Sims on a MacBook Pro?

Will The Sims 4 be available on Mac? Yes! The Sims 4 is available on Mac!

Does Sims 4 run well on MacBook Pro?

Re: 2019 Macbook Pro 13″ run Sims 4? It will run ok but if you can the 16″ would be much better as it has dedicated graphics and will still be able to run on all high settings in a few years. The 128GB SSD is on the small side but you could run the game off an external drive.

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Can I play Sims 4 on MacBook Air?

Re: Will Sims 4 Run on my Macbook Air Sims 4 should run ok, it is native to OS X, but bear in mind MacBook Airs are not very powerful, especially when it comes to gaming. The more packs you add to your game the slower your game performance may become. Make sure your in game graphics options are set to low/medium.

How do I turn on closed captioning in VLC?

Select the appropriate options within the DVD menus to play your video. In the VLC toolbar, click on the “Subtitles” option. Select “Sub Track” and then select the closed captions you would like to play. Note that sometimes there may be multiple tracks and non-closed captioned tracks.

How do I turn off live captions on my computer?

Alternatively, you can also type chrome://settings/accessibility in the search bar of Chrome to access the accessibility page. On Chrome’s accessibility settings screen, find the ‘Live Caption’ option and toggle the switch to the ‘Off’ position. The live captions are now disabled permanently.

How do I turn off live captions on my laptop?

To disable live caption from Chrome settings: Open Chrome Settings or go to chrome://settings. Click Advanced > Accessibility. Clcick the Live Caption toggle to off position.

How do I add SRT files to my Mac?

Click the “Video” menu option and then click “Subtitles” followed by “Open File.” Select your . SRT file and then click “OK” to show these subtitles on your video.

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