How to get hbo go on macbook pro?

Go to in a web browser. Select your device from the drop-down menu. Click Continue. A list of TV providers will appear.

Also, can I watch HBO Go on Mac? Yes, you need a subscription through a TV provider to watch HBO GO.

Furthermore, can I get HBO now on my Macbook Pro? Although you can’t sign up to HBO NOW on your desktop, you can access the new service on via Mac or PC after signing up on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Similarly, how do I order HBO on my Mac? To get HBO Max, simply go to, or install the HBO Max app on your iPhone via the App Store, Android using Google Play, or on a compatible smart TV (use your TV or media player’s channel store to find and install HBO Max). Then sign in using your provider’s credentials.

Moreover, how do I watch HBO Go on safari?

  1. Step 2: Tap inside the Search field at the top-right of the screen.
  2. Step 3: Type “hbo go” into the search field, then select the “hbo go” search result.

You can sign in and stream HBO on your computer at


Is HBO Go and HBO Max the same?

HBO Max is WarnerMedia’s go-to streaming destination for all of its hit movies and shows. The service costs $15 a month and is a replacement for previous apps like HBO Now and HBO Go. right now without paying extra.

Why can’t I get HBO Max on my Mac?

That is because HBO Max is not available through the Apple TV app as one of the channels. There is no HBO max app for Mac, you would have to go through the website and login with your credentials for their service. If you are running into issues you should contact them.

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Is HBO Max free with Amazon Prime?

The departure of HBO Max as a Prime Video Channel meant those that signed up through Amazon Prime have lost the service entirely. … 26, new and returning subscribers (sorry those of you who are already signed up for the service) will be eligible for the six-month $7.49 per month fee for HBO Max’s ad-free version.

Does Netflix have app for Mac?

There’s no Netflix app for Mac, but there is one for iOS devices and Windows. The legal way to download Netflix series and movies is to use your app, so ignore all the ads and articles explaining how to get the app on the Mac – they’re a scam and dodgy for your Mac.

What is the cheapest way to get HBO Max?

The service recently launched a cheaper ad-supported plan that lets you watch HBO Max for just $9.99 a month. You can also try their new annual ad-supported plan, which gives you 16% off HBO Max if you prepay for 12 months of service ($99.99 with ads).

How do I get HBO Max in UK?

  1. Sign out of your iCloud account.
  2. Connect to a US server using a reliable VPN.
  3. Create a new account based in the USA.
  4. Download the HBO Max app.
  5. Log in to the app and enjoy streaming.

How can I get HBO Max for free?

Get HBO Max for free through internet plans You can get HBO Max for free when you sign up for the Fiber 1000 MPS speed internet plan through AT&T. If the Fiber internet is available at your address, you can also get a TV and internet package that includes free HBO Max.

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Can I watch HBO Go on a browser?

HBO GO can be accessed via desktop browsers from your Mac or PC on all latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

How can I watch HBO without the app?

You can subscribe to HBO live without cable through one of these streaming services: Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV or AT&T TV Now. You can also subscribe to HBO Max directly.

How do I mirror my iPhone to my Macbook?

On the iOS device, swipe up from the bottom bezel to open the Control Center. From the Control Center click AirPlay. Choose the Mac to which you wish to mirror from the list, then enable Mirroring.

How do I watch HBO on HBO Max?

Thanks! No live channels on Max but it will be available to stream at the same time it airs on HBO. Some shows are made available on HBO Max / HBO apps at the same time as they air on linear HBO. In other cases they are added shortly after their linear HBO airing.

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