How to pair homepod with macbook?

  1. Make sure your Mac and HomePod are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open an app on your Mac that can stream content.
  3. Click the AirPlay button, which looks like or , depending on the app.
  4. Select the checkbox next to your HomePod in the list of devices, then choose some content to stream from your Mac.

Additionally, can I use HomePod with MacBook? As long as your HomePod mini and your Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use the HomePod mini as a Mac speaker. You don’t need to use the same Apple ID on both devices. Once both of them are on the same Wi-Fi network, the HomePod mini will show up directly in any AirPlay menu on your Mac.

People ask also, how do I connect my HomePod to my computer?

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, do any of the following to play music: Stream music and video from Apple Music.
  2. Click the AirPlay button at the top of the iTunes window, then select the checkbox next to HomePod. Whatever song you were playing in iTunes on your computer now plays on HomePod too.

Likewise, can I use HomePod as computer speaker? It is currently possible to turn a HomePod stereo pair into a set of desktop Mac speakers, though the process is much more complicated and limited. You need to use the AirPlay menu to select the pair as an output, and can then only use it for playback through the AirPlay and Music apps.

Best answer for this question, can you use HomePod as a Bluetooth speaker? While your HomePod Mini uses Bluetooth for some connectivity, you can’t use one as a Bluetooth speaker. The only way to use audio with a HomePod Mini is by using an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, or an Apple TV.

  1. Download and install AirParrot on your computer.
  2. Make sure your HomePod and computer are on the same wifi network.
  3. Launch AirParrot on your PC.
  4. Under the “To” section in the AirParrot menu, select the name of your HomePod(s) to begin streaming.
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Can I use HomePod with Windows 10?

Stream Audio from iTunes for Windows to HomePod iTunes runs natively in Windows and offers its own built-in AirPlay functionality. … Uncheck “My Computer” to have the audio play only from the HomePod. You can adjust the volume of your HomePod individually by using its small volume slider in the AirPlay list.

How do I connect HomePod to iTunes?

You need to set the Homepod(s) as output from iTunes on a Mac. Then use iTunes on that Mac to play music from your library. Homepods don’t work with Homesharing like Apple TVs and so cannot directly access your iTunes library.

Can you use HomePod for YouTube?

Launch the YouTube app on your iOS/iPadOS device and find the video that you want to listen to using your HomePod. Start playing the video and swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the iOS Control Center. … Within a second, the audio playback will be switched to your HomePod.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will continue to be available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple will provide HomePod customers with software updates and service and support through Apple Care.

Does HomePod use WiFi or Bluetooth?

HomePod is not a conventional Bluetooth speaker. You must have a working Wi-Fi connection in order to set up HomePod. Once suitably configured it is possible to use HomePod for peer to peer AirPlay when a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet isn’t available. See Allow others to control audio on HomePod and allow access for.

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How do I connect my Apple HomePod to Bluetooth?

Can anyone connect to HomePod?

How do you control who can access your HomePod over Airplay — anyone, people on your network, or people who share your HomeKit Home? … While Apple Music & Podcasts and iTunes purchases & Match can be played natively on HomePod, everything else requires AirPlay — Apple’s streaming audio and video protocol.

How do I connect my HomePod to my WIFI?

Long-press on your HomePod to access its settings. Here, at the top, you’ll be detailed why you’re facing the Wi-Fi network issue. Scroll down in this menu to access more options. Now, you’ll see the message that your iPhone is connected to a different Wi-Fi network.

Does HomePod work on Windows?

We’re excited that Windows users can enjoy it, too.” AirParrot 3 adds Apple HomePod streaming from Windows devices, an AirParrot feature that was previously only available for Mac. Wirelessly stream system audio or media files such as MP3 or MP4 audio from a computer to one or more HomePod speakers.

How do I connect my library to HomePod?

  1. In the Music app on your Mac, do any of the following to play music: Stream songs from Apple Music.
  2. Click the AirPlay button at the top of the Music window, then select the checkbox next to HomePod. Whatever song you were playing in Music on your computer now plays on HomePod, too.

How do I access HomePod settings?

To access HomePod settings, open the Home app, tap the Home tab, long press on the HomePod tile, and tap the Details button in the bottom right-hand corner.

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