How to play bbc radio on homepod?

As long as your phone is on the same wi-fi as the HomePod, fire up the BBC iPlayer Radio app (other radio apps are available), pick and play a station, tap the AirPlay icon and select HomePod from the pop-up menu.

You asked, can I listen to BBC radio on HomePod? I realise this isn’t the perfect solution, but you can listen to all our live and on-demand audio content on HomePod by using AirPlay from the BBC Sounds app on your iPad or iPhone.

You asked, how do I listen to radio 4 on HomePod? Click source and choose iPhone. Click destination and choose HomePod. Finally, click the blue ellipsis beside ‘New Shortcut’ to give your shortcut a name, which will be used when you ask Siri to play. So, something like ‘play BBC Radio Four’.

Furthermore, can Apple home Pod play the radio? The Apple HomePod can now start to play live radio stations if you ask Siri to play them. … Following a software update in October 2019 the speaker gained the ability to play radio stations provided by TuneIn radio, as well as various podcasts thanks to iHeartRadio.

Amazingly, how do I get Siri on BBC radio 4?

  1. Open the Shortcuts app in iOS 12.
  2. Create a new shortcut.
  3. Add a URL action.
  4. Paste the URL into the space below the action.
  5. Add ‘Open URLs” action.
  6. Tap the little settings icon in the top right, then tap Add to Siri.
  7. Record a Siri command, e.g. “Radio 4″
  8. Tap Done.
  1. Hey Siri Play Bloomberg Radio.
  2. Hey Siri play ESPN radio ( EPSN news and sports)
  3. Hey Siri Play NPR Radio.
  4. Hey Siri Play WAMU 88.5 Radio.
  5. Hey Siri Play TED Radio Hour.
  6. Hey Siri Play Radio Boston.
  7. Hey Siri Play 98.5 The Sports Hub Radio.
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Does HomePod listen to conversations?

Like every other smart speaker with an integrated voice assistant function, the HomePod comes with an “always-on” mic, which allows it to listen to conversations. Also, a report revealed that smart speakers like the HomePod can self-activate and record conversations up to 46 seconds without its user knowing.

Is BBC Radio on Tunein?

And, if you have a Google Home device, you can listen to BBC stations using either Chromecast or your voice. … BBC stations can also be accessed on digital TV platforms and DAB digital radio.

Can I play BBC Radio through Sonos?

If you have the Sonos Radio app installed on your Android or iOS device, and your Sonos is running version 11.1 or above, you can live BBC radio streams on your Sonos speaker. Was this helpful?

How do I play iHeartRadio on HomePod?

You can say, “Hey Siri, play [station name]” to access your favorite Live iHeartRadio stations. You can also enjoy these stations on your HomePod and through vehicles with Apple CarPlay.

What is the best free radio app?

  1. Amazon Music Prime. Free for Prime customers.
  2. Spotify Free. The world’s most popular streaming service, in a free version.
  3. YouTube Music. Google your tunes.
  4. Pandora. One of the oldest is still one of the best.
  5. Slacker Radio / LiveXLive. It’s live!
  6. Deezer.
  7. Sonos Radio.
  8. iHeartRadio.

How can I listen to radio on my iPhone for free?

  1. Ask Siri: Activate Siri, then say something like, “Play Wild 94.9” or “Tune in to ESPN Radio.”
  2. Search for a station: Tap Search, enter the station in the search field, then tap a result to play the station.
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Is Apple radio Free?

With iOS 7, Apple has debuted iTunes Radio, its answer to streaming music services like Rdio, Spotify, and Pandora. It is a free service with some occasional ads.

How do I get Siri to play my playlist?

  1. Press and hold the Home button.
  2. Begin talking after the familiar Siri chime, telling Siri to play a playlist, by name. For example, say, “Play Road Trip playlist,” or “Play playlist called Dance Tunes.”

How do I get Siri to play BBC sounds?

BBC Sounds listeners on iOS mobile devices running iOS version 12 or higher can use Siri shortcuts to access BBC Sounds. You can create custom shortcuts to launch live radio via the Siri Shortcuts app.

Can I ask Siri to play music from Spotify?

Just say “Hey, Siri” followed by your command, then “on Spotify”. e.g. “Hey, Siri, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify”.

Can you play Sirius on HomePod?

Yes, with AirPlay, you can stream audio from a device, such as an iPhone which has the SiriusXM app, to your HomePod mini.

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