How to play music from apple watch to homepod?

To connect directly to the HomePod, just navigate to the “Now Playing” screen on your watch and tap the AirPlay icon (located in the bottom left-hand corner).

Furthermore, how do I play music from my apple watch to my HomePod mini?

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Quick Answer, can you AirPlay from Apple Watch to HomePod? One more thing: You cannot stream (AirPlay) songs directly from your Apple Watch to HomePod. But if the HomePod is playing songs via, say, iPhone, you can control it using your Apple Watch. Conclusion: AirPlay on Apple Watch is limited in functionality. It is a ‘select Bluetooth output device’ button.

Moreover, does HomePod mini work with Apple Watch? HomePod & mini Intercom Feature Now Works With iPhone & Apple Watch. iOS 14.2 includes the ability for the original HomePod and the new mini smart speaker to receive intercom messages from an iPhone or Apple Watch. … iOS 14.2 expands HomePod intercom support to other devices, including iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.

Subsequently, can you play music directly out of Apple Watch? If you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular on your Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you can stream Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and audiobooks, even when you’re away from your iPhone. … Then you can play the content on your watch without your iPhone nearby, even if your watch is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap the speaker icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. A list of all available speakers appears.
  4. Tap the speaker you want to play Spotify through.
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How can I listen to Spotify on my Apple Watch without my phone?

Scroll to Music and tap it, then tap + to transfer Spotify music to Apple Watch. Tap the + button next to the music that you want. After syncing, you will find Spotify music tracks on Apple Watch and just play Spotify music on Apple Watch without iPhone even offline.

How do I play music on my Apple watch without Bluetooth headphones?

On the Watch, go to the Music app. Force touch (tap and push in on the screen) to bring up more options. Select Source > Apple Watch. At this point, the playlist you synced should appear in the app and you’re ready to listen to music without your iPhone.

How do I run HomeKit remotely?

Go to the “Settings” menu and scroll down to “HomeKit.” Once you are in this menu, enable “Use iCloud,” then go into your home and select “Allow Remote Access.”

How do I connect now play on Apple Watch?

  1. Open the Now Playing app on your Apple Watch.
  2. While audio plays, tap the Now Playing icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Press the side button, then tap Now Playing in the Dock.
  4. Tap the Now Playing button if you’ve added it to the watch face.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will continue to be available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple will provide HomePod customers with software updates and service and support through Apple Care.

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How do I use my HomePod mini as a Bluetooth speaker?

Why is HomePod discontinued?

Apple on March 12, 2021, announced that it has discontinued the full-sized HomePod in order to focus its efforts on the HomePod mini. The HomePod was available to purchase from the Online Apple Store, Apple retail locations, and third-party retailers, until supplies ran out, and then Apple discontinued it.

Can you use AirPods with Apple Watch without phone?

Play audio from Apple Watch on Bluetooth headphones or speakers without your iPhone nearby. Tip: If you have AirPods that you set up with your iPhone, they’re ready to use with your Apple Watch—just press play.

How do you put Music on your Apple Watch?

  1. Open the Music app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap Library, Listen Now, or Search, then navigate to music you want to add.
  3. Tap a playlist or album, tap. , then tap Add to Library. A message confirms that the item was added.
  4. To download the music to Apple Watch, tap. again, then tap Download.

Why won’t my Apple Watch show my Music playing?

I recommend toggling the Auto-Launch Audio Apps option OFF and then back ON, in the Watch app on the iPhone, under Settings > General > Wake Screen. Check also that Now Playing itself is enabled down there too – the Return to App toggle.

How do I play music through my watch Speaker?

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