How to protect your electrical devices with inverters?

Power cuts and the risks associated with lightning and unstable electrical networks can weaken your electrical devices. Indeed, seeing your computer shutting down unexpectedly while you were working on a big project because of a power cut can be annoying … Especially if you had not saved! Worse, your computers can suffer irreversible damage.
There is a solution: inverters.

But what is an inverter?

With the multitude electrical equipment that we have, it has become essential to protect them properly. THE’inverter is the ideal accessory !
The main function of an inverter is to continue to supply power to your devices connected to it in the event of a power failure. The inverter will continue to supply them with power for a certain period of time.
The inverter does not necessarily protect against lightning, but most have one or more lightning outlets.
Inverters also protect you against voltage spikes, so as not to supply too much current to your devices.
Enough to protect you completely against power cuts and the risks associated with thunderstorms :).

Which UPS is right for me?

Different inverters are available to you, but you don’t know which one to choose ?

UPS eaton pro 1600 FRFirst, look at the number of sockets available (the presence of surge protector socket (s) may be an additional selection criterion). If you only need 4 outlets, you don’t need to choose a UPS that offers 8 outlets.
Also look at the autonomy of the inverter following a power cut.
All this is detailed in the product sheet. For example, if it is indicated that a 1200 W inverter has an autonomy of 9 minutes at 50% load, this means that you have 9 minutes to save and shut down your devices if all the connected devices consume 600 W in total. You can see the product sheet of this Eaton Ellipse Eco 650 UPS as an example.

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four outlet eaton inverterFinally, the most important criterion without doubt is the power of theinverter.
Indeed, the power is indicated in Watts on the product sheets. The number of Watts indicates the power of the devices that you can connect to it.
For information, a Mac Pro or an iMac consumes between 200W and 300W, a screen consumes on average 30 W.
If you connect 2 computers to the same inverter, it will not be the same as if you connect a speaker, a TV and an internet box.
Preferably, you should not connect devices that consume more than half of the power of the inverter (on a 600 W inverter, you should limit yourself to connecting devices that consume 300 W in total).
If you are looking for a powerful inverter, you can lean towards the Eaton Ellispe PRO 1600 FR inverter.

The Eaton inverters, sold for years at MacWay, are quality products and arguably the best in this field. Find our selection of inverters at the best price!

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