How to recharge your batteries abroad?

To all travelers, don’t worry about your electrical devices running out of battery abroad! With the multitude of different standards, shapes and voltages in different countries, it can be difficult to navigate and have the right adapter on hand. But fellow travelers, the time for “connectivity hassles” is over, pack theuniversal adapter or the universal power strip. 🙂


The universal TRAVEL ADAPTER converter by Novodio

A travel charger for everyone

The Travel Adapter is an ingeniously designed device to adapt to outlets in over 150 countries. Suffice to say that you can travel to a good number of countries before finding one that undermines theinternational adapter. It is therefore intended for all people going abroad (which means a lot of people!).

The optimized universal adapter

Three Travel AdapterConcretely, it is a universal power adapter equipped with three integrated sockets (UK – Europe – USA / Australia), two USB ports and a mains socket that can accommodate a double pin.

Clearly, you can plug your device into any outlet abroad and connect 3 of your devices to it. 2 on the USB ports and 1 on the dual-pin AC outlet.

You should also know that the 2.1A USB port is specially designed for the Apple iPad, but it is just as effective on less energy-consuming devices such as the iPod, iPhone, etc.

The international adapter as easy as pie

Using the 3 different integrated sockets is relatively simple thanks to the button that switches you from one to the other with a single touch of the finger.

Rather compact, you can take the universal converter wherever you want and use it safely, it is also short-circuit protected.

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Opt for the universal plug with the Travel Extender

Travel Extender

The universal power strip for travelers

This universal power strip is designed for two different uses. On the one hand, it allows foreigners to use their country’s outlets on French outlets. On the other hand, accompanied by Travel Adapter seen above, it allows you to plug in any device in any country as long as you have access to a power outlet.

A multi-socket extension cord full of facets

Travel Extender in a suitcase

It is in fact a power strip extension allowing four devices to be connected simultaneously with a French power outlet as input. Two connections can accommodate power outlets and two others accommodate USB connectors.

The sockets are international, they can receive devices from the United States, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.

In fact, this universal power strip is ideal for recharging your devices such as smartphones, tablets or other connected objects.

The international plug for use everywhere

This universal power strip extension is designed for extreme travelers, an 80 cm long cable is integrated for the most difficult to access sockets! Move the charging point wherever you want. When you are done using it, wrap the cable around the Travel Extender and repack it in the travel bag that came with it.

Come and discover these objects that are revolutionizing the way you can charge your foreign and / or foreign devices on

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