How to restart macbook air after update?

Hold down all of these keys: “Command”, “Option”, “P” and “R”, and turn on the Mac. (It’s the same keys to reset the PRAM). Keep holding the keys down until you hear the Mac restart again.

Beside above, how do I restart my Mac after update? Restart your Mac in Recovery Mode by holding down the Command (⌘) and R keys during startup. Open Disk Utility and run the First Aid for your Macintosh HD or whatever you named your primary hard drive. Repair anything that’s noted. Restart again using Internet Recovery Mode (hold down Command + Option + R.)

Correspondingly, why is my Mac not restarting after update? Power on your Mac. Immediately after you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Command + Option + P + R keys. Keep holding them down until you hear the start up sound again. Release the keys, and the NVRAM will have reset.

You asked, how do I force my MacBook Air to restart? Press and hold down the Command (⌘) and Control (Ctrl) keys along with the power button (or the ‌Touch ID‌ / Eject button, depending on the Mac model) until the screen goes blank and the machine restarts.

Likewise, do I need to restart Mac after update? macOS does not. If you have automatic updates on it will install on restart (if its at a specific time) otherwise it wont. @JBis: If you have Windows 10 Pro or better, you can turn off automatic updates so the updates are not downloaded and therefore not installed when you reboot.

  1. Make sure your Mac is powered off.
  2. Press and release the power button (or Touch ID button on some MacBooks) then immediately press and hold Option + Command + P + R on your keyboard.
  3. After around 20 seconds you can release these keys, and your Mac should start up as usual.
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Why is it taking so long for my Mac to restart?

Check for low free disk space and free up disk space. You Mac need sufficient space to run optimally. If your Mac does not have enough space, the slow boot time may occur. On your Mac, click the Apple Menu > About This mac and then click the Storage tab.

How do I restart my macbook air black screen?

Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Press and release the power button, then immediately press and hold Command (⌘)-R until you see an Apple logo or other image. If you still see a blank screen after about 20 seconds, contact Apple Support.

How do you fix a Mac that won’t boot or gets stuck on the loading bar?

Power your Mac back up. Immediately press and hold these four keys: Option + Command + P + R. Make sure to hold the keys for at least 20 seconds. On some Macs, you may hear a startup sound play twice or the Apple logo appear and reappear twice.

Why won’t my Mac go past the loading screen?

Shut the Mac down, usually by pressing the power button; Now press the Command, Option, R, P keys for at least 20 seconds (sometimes 30 might produce better results); Your Mac should restart automatically and if it gets past the loading screen then the problem is solved.

How do I manually restart my MacBook?

  1. Press the power button (or press Control+Eject) and, when a dialog box appears, click the Restart button.
  2. Choose the Apple key and then click Restart.
  3. Press Control+Command+Eject (or Control+Command+Power button).
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Why is my Mac not responding?

Reboot your Mac If you can’t Force Quit an unresponsive application, then it’s time for a reboot. … How to reboot a Mac that is not responding: Hold down the power button for several seconds. If that doesn’t work, Press the Control-Command keys down, then press the Power button.

How do you hard reset a MacBook?

Should you restart your Mac every day?

“You don’t necessarily have to restart every time your Mac suggests it, but you should if you can,” says Steingart. … Just remember, before you restart, to save all your work and make sure it’s not a time when you urgently need to use your Mac, he says. Certain updates will take your computer a while to complete.

Is it bad to reset your Mac?

Resetting your MacBook Pro to the way it was when you got it from the factory isn’t difficult, but it isn’t quick, either. You could do it if you’ve been consistently having serious problems with the MacBook Pro. However, the only time you should definitely do it is when you’re about to sell or give away the machine.

Is it okay to restart MacBook?

You should periodically restart your Mac computer in an effort to help the computer run faster, and allow it to install any pending system updates. If your Mac is running slowly or failing to load certain programs properly, a restart is the best way to make it work smoothly again.

How do you fix a black screen of death on a MacBook Air?

  1. Hold down the power button for 6-10 seconds.
  2. When your Mac powers down, wait ten seconds.
  3. Press the power button to boot it back up.
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