How to restart messages on macbook air?

  1. Open the “Messages” app on Mac.
  2. Pull down the “Messages” menu and choose Preferences.
  3. Go to the “iMessage” tab.
  4. Choose the “Sign Out” button.
  5. Quit Messages.
  6. Relaunch the Messages app and return back to iMessage preferences and this time sign back into the Apple ID for iMessage.

Correspondingly, how do you restart iMessage on Mac? On a Mac, launch the Messages app and select Preferences in the app menu at the top-left of the screen. Go to the iMessage tab, and under your Apple ID, uncheck Enable this account. Reboot, then turn it back on.

Likewise, how do you refresh Messages on a MacBook Air?

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Click Messages in the menu bar and choose Preferences…
  3. Click the iMessage tab in the window.
  4. To the right of Enable Messages in iCloud, click Sync Now.
  5. Now in the bottom left corner of Messages, you’ll see a status bar if there are messages to sync.

Also, why are my Messages not sending MacBook? Make sure your Mac is connected to the internet. To check your internet connection, try loading a page in Safari or another web browser. Check that the date and time has been set correctly on your Mac. Make sure you enter the correct phone number or email address for the contact.

Also know, can you turn off Messages on MacBook Air? Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Choose the Notifications pane. Click on Messages in the left hand sidebar. Click ‘None’ and uncheck all the tick boxes.Sometimes disabling and then re-enabling iMessage on the Mac can resolve connection issues specific to iMessage on the Mac, here’s how to do that: Open the “Messages” app on Mac. … Go to the “iMessage” tab. Make sure the Apple ID is set properly, then check “Enable this account” is checked.

Why isn’t my iMessage syncing on my Mac?

On your Mac, open Messages and choose Messages > Preferences > iMessages. Make sure that both devices are signed in with the same Apple ID. Then, on your iPhone, go back one screen and check Text Message Forwarding to make sure your Mac has been selected. If it is, deselect your Mac and restart your iPhone.

Why won’t my Messages refresh on my Mac?

Solution 1. On your Mac: Open Messages app and click on Preferences > Choose Accounts> Click Sign Out > Wait a few seconds then sign back in. After the process completes, enable iMessage on both Mac and iPhone, you can check if the iMessages sync properly.

How do you refresh your Messages on Mac?

Open the Preferences for Messages (⌘ and , or just click Messages and select Preferences on the menu bar). Go to the iMessage tab in the preferences settings. Check off the box for Enable Messages in iCloud. Your message history should synchronize after that box is checked.

How do you refresh on a Mac?

Pressing Command+R will perform a refresh on most Mac apps. To perform a hard refresh, press Command+Option+R or Shift+Command+R (depends on the browser). Pressing F5 will decrease your keyboard’s backlight on Macbook Air and MacBook Pro.

How do I fix my iMessage on my Macbook?

  1. Restart your Mac.
  2. Make sure that your software is up to date.
  3. Make sure that your Mac is connected to the Internet.
  4. Check that the date and time is set correctly on your Mac.
  5. Make sure that you enter the correct phone number or email address for the contact.
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Why are my Messages not delivering?

The obvious reason your message won’t deliver is because the recipient has no service. iMessage relies on an internet connection, so if no Wi-Fi or cellular data is available, it won’t appear until their phone gets a connection. … If your iPhone says Not Delivered, you’re probably the one without an internet connection.

Why am I not receiving my text messages on my Macbook Pro?

Make sure that you’re using the same Apple ID on your Mac as well as your iPhone. … Try turning off text message forwarding on your iPhone and then toggle it again, making sure it’s with the same Apple ID. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to a working Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

How do you turn off read receipts on Macbook?

Open Messages and tap on a conversation with the person for which you want to disable read receipts. Tap the person’s profile icon at the top and then select the Info icon. Turn off the switch for Send Read Receipts.

How do you lock iMessage on Mac?

  1. Download and install the Mac app locker. Open it. Free Download.
  2. Set a password when asked. Submit the password.
  3. Click the icon in the menu bar. Choose Open Main Window.
  4. To lock iMessage on Mac, click Add App, select Messages and click Add.

How do I unlink my iMessage from my Mac?

Disable iMessage on your Mac and iPad On a Mac, this is done in the Messages app. With Messages open, click on Messages in the menu bar followed by Preferences. Select the Accounts tab, then select your iMessage account. Next, click on the check box next to your phone number to remove it from the device.

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Why is my iMessage not working?

Turn off and restart iMessage and FaceTime Go to Settings > Messages and turn off iMessage. Go to Settings > FaceTime and turn off FaceTime. Restart your device: iPhone.

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