How to switch from Andoid to iPhone

Have you decided to change your smartphone to adopt an iPhone? In order not to lose your data, it is essential to know the different ways to migrate from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. Find our advice and how to easily make the change.


Starting up your iPhone

It may sound obvious, but the first step to properly using an Apple branded mobile phone is to start up your device. For this, the procedure is slightly different from that of an Android phone. You will first need to choose your language of use and define the various accessibility options. If you already have an Apple device with iOS 11 or later, you have the option of taking advantage of Quick Start. Otherwise, go for manual configuration:

  • Activate Wifi – you may need to insert the SIM card;
  • Set up Face ID or Touch ID to make purchases via facial recognition or fingerprint;
  • Create a 6-digit password to protect your data. You can also choose a 4-digit code, or even no password;
  • Recover your data if you have iCloud, iTunes or Android device backup;
  • Enter your Apple ID and password, create one or choose to set it later;
  • Choose whether or not to automatically activate updates;
  • Configure Siri and other possible services and features (Screen Time, True Tone, etc.);
  • Complete the setup by clicking Start.
  • Good to know: iPhones have a feature designed for the blind or visually impaired, the feature VoiceOver, which is activated from the home screen.

    Migrating data from Android to iPhone

    If you want to transfer content from your Android phone to iPhone, you have a wide choice of solutions: use third-party software or the iTunes software, created by Apple.

    The Move to iOS application, a valuable ally for migrating from an Android smartphone to an iPhone

    To ease the process of migrating from Android smartphone to iPhone, there is an app named Migrate to iOS which you can download from Google Play Store. In order to be able to use it, you must first follow a few steps:

  • Activate wifi on your Android device and plug it into a power outlet, just like your new iPhone;
  • Make sure you have enough space on your iPhone for all the content you want to transfer. To transfer your Chrome bookmarks, the latest browser version must be downloaded and installed on your Android device;
  • On your iPhone, tap ” Migrate data from Android When you set up your mobile device. If you have already configured your equipment, you can either delete and resume the configuration or transfer your content manually.
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    Once all of these steps are complete, open the Migrate to iOS app on your Android smartphone, agree to the terms and conditions, and click Find Your Password. You must then continue the operation as follows:

  • To push on To continue on the Migrate from Android screen to your iPhone, and wait until a multi-digit code appears;
  • Enter this code on your Android device and wait for the ” Transfer data “;
  • Select the different files you want to recover on your Android smartphone. Warning: before using your Android smartphone for new actions, wait until the progress bar on your iPhone is filled;
  • To complete the configuration, press ” OK On your Android device, and follow the instructions that appear on your iPhone.
  • The application then transfers the directory of your contacts, your message histories, your photos, videos.

    Note: Music tracks, books and PDF files must be transferred manually.

    How to transfer contacts from a Google account to an iPhone?

    If you do not want to use the application and prefer to perform the transfer manually, it is entirely possible. To do this, here is the procedure to follow:

  • make sure you have an Apple ID before you can start your new iPhone;
  • on your Android device, go to Settings> Accounts> Google and select the field you want to sync;
  • from your iPhone, go to Settings> Contacts> Accounts, then enter your Google account before defining the data to be backed up.
  • Another solution to make a backup of your contacts: use the format vCard. To do this, all you need to do is export your contacts in this format from Gmail, then import them via the iCloud web interface.

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    Retrieve SMS or a call log

    To retrieve your SMS manually, the easiest solution is to use third-party software. Often paid, these software generally offer a free trial.

    Transferring photos, videos and music

    While it is easy to transfer media files from iPhone to PC, the manipulation cannot be done in reverse. To transfer your photos and videos from your Android to your new iPhone, you need to use a computer.

  • First, connect your Android device to your computer. In most devices, you will find your photos and videos on DCIM> camera. On Macs, use the Android File Transfer app. Once launched, go to DCIM> camera.
  • Then select the photos and videos to transfer and send them to a folder on your computer.
  • On your PC as well as on your Mac with macOS Mojave or any previous version, open the iTunes software. On your Mac with macOS Catalina, use Finder.
  • On your computer, your photos and videos can be found in Photos> Albums.

    Another solution is to use Google Photos. First enable the backup of your images to Google Photos on your Android device. Next, download and install the Google Photos app on your iPhone and sign in to the Google account used for backing up your data.

    It is also possible to use iTunes to copy your multimedia files (photos, videos, audios, etc.). To do this, first copy the files to your computer, then set up the synchronization of your photos and videos from iTunes.

    Regarding music, the method is the same since you can also rely on iTunes. Another possible option apart from streaming music: use Youtube Music to upload your tracks and albums to your personal space. The music thus synchronized will be accessible via the application or any web browser.

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    How to sync calendar from Android device to iPhone with ease?

    Several third-party software allows iOS users to transfer their calendar from Android to iPhone, such as CopyTrans Contacts. Simple and reliable, it also allows you to save and migrate all your important content such as your audio and video files, photos, contacts, etc. the procedure is as follows:

  • Make sure Android calendar sync is enabled with your Google account. For verification, go to the “Settings”Via“ Apps ”on the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Select your Google account by clicking on “Accounts”. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one, by clicking on “Add account”.
  • Check the option “Synchronize Calendar”In your Google account.
  • Download and install the CopyTrans Contacts software on your computer
  • Launch the CopyTrans Contacts software, then connect your iPhone to your computer using the dedicated cable.
  • Configure your account by selecting “New cloud account” then “Gmail”And add your Google account by clicking on“ Add Account
  • Close the cloud management window to return to calendars to view your calendars synchronized to your Gmail account;
  • Right click on the calendar you want to add on your iPhone. To do this, choose “To move”,“Calendar to” and “Device”.
  • The transfer from Android calendar to your iPhone is complete.
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