How to take messages off imac?

  1. Open the “Messages” app on your Mac.
  2. On the upper menu bar, click “Messages” and select “Preferences.”
  3. Open the “Accounts” tab.
  4. On the left side of the window you will see a list of your enabled accounts.
  5. Untick the box next to “Enable this account.”
  6. Click the “Sign Out” button.

Likewise, how do I unlink my iMessage from my Mac? To do this, click Messages > Preferences from the menu bar at the top of your Mac’s screen. In the Messages Preferences menu that appears, click the “iMessage” tab. To completely disable the Messages app, click the “Sign Out” button next to your Apple ID under the “Settings” tab.

Beside above, how do I extract Messages from my Mac?

  1. Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  2. Find the conversation you wish to “export”.
  3. Click inside the Message box, and not the text field.
  4. Press CMD+A (select all)
  5. Press CMD+C (copy).
  6. Open the Notes app on your Mac.
  7. Open a new Note.
  8. Press CMD+V (paste).

Frequent question, how do I stop my iPhone Messages going to my Mac?

  1. Open up Settings > Messages.
  2. Set the iMessage toggle to off.
  3. You may also want to disable Text Message Forwarding, which sends regular non-iMessage SMS messages from your phone to Messages on your Mac or iPad.

You asked, how do I delete Messages from my Mac without deleting my iPhone?

  1. Open the Messages application on your Mac.
  2. Select “Preference of Message” that you will find on the menu tab.
  3. In the General setting, you have a selection – Save history when conversations are closed. You should uncheck this option.
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If you don’t have your iPhone with you at the moment, you can disconnect it from your Apple ID using your Mac. Under System Preferences > Apple ID, pick your iOS device on the sidebar and select Remove from account.

How do I turn off iMessage on my Mac 2021?

How do I get all my Messages on my Mac?

Click Messages in the menu bar. Click Preferences. Click the iMessage tab. Click the checkbox next to Enable Messages in iCloud so all of your messages, SMS and iCloud, will sync to and from your Mac.

How do I transfer iMessages to my computer?

  1. Open Decipher TextMessage and select an iPhone.
  2. Choose a contact whose text messages you want to save.
  3. Select Export as PDF and choose a location on your computer to save the text messages.
  4. Your iPhone text messages have now been saved to you PC or Mac computer as a PDF.

How do I see old iMessages on my Mac?

  1. To access your past conversations, launch Finder > Go Menu.
  2. Type in your user library using ~/Library and press the Go button.
  3. In the Library folder, choose the Messages Folder.
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How do I stop my iPhone Messages from going to my computer?

To prevent your Mac from receiving SMS messages, go to Settings on your iPhone, then Messages > Text Message Forwarding, and turn off your Mac.

Will deleting Messages from Mac delete from iPhone?

It sounds like a simple thing: All of your messages now sync to iCloud and sync across any device you enable, including iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches, and iPads. … Also, if you delete a message on your phone, it will also disappear on your iPad or your Mac.

Does deleting an iMessage delete it from all devices?

With Messages in iCloud, when you delete a message, attachment, or conversation on one device, it deletes from all of your devices. This can help free up some space in your iCloud storage, while keeping the rest of your conversations up to date across your devices. Once you delete a message, you can’t get it back.

Why do Messages not delete on Mac?

Try this instead. Open Messages and click Messages > Preferences, look for the option to “Save history when conversations are closed” and make sure that this is unchecked. Let us know if this works for you.

How do you delete iMessage so the person can’t see it?

Unless you take action, your iPhone will keep a permanent copy of all of your messages forever. You can delete an entire conversation by swiping left on it in your iPhone’s Messages app. To delete individual messages, tap and hold on the message until you see the pop-up menu, then tap it to get to the trash can.

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How do I delete Messages off my computer?

Click the conversation. Hold down the Shift key and click the messages you want to delete. Delete.

How do I safely disconnect my iPhone from my Mac?

you simply drag the icon from the desktop to the trash can. It will turn into an arrow when you are dragging an ejectable icon. Similarly, you can click Finder on the dock, then locate the card reader on the left hand column and click the “arrow” to the right of the device to eject it.

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