How to upload track to garageband?

In GarageBand for Mac, drag the audio file from the list in the Music app to an audio track or to the empty area below the existing tracks in the Tracks area.

Correspondingly, how do I import a track into GarageBand?

  1. Click on Finder in the Mac Dock.
  2. Locate the file that you wish to import. Click and drag the file onto an existing track or a new track in GarageBand. GarageBand supports the following formats: .AIFF, .CAF, .WAV, .AAC (except protected AAC files), Apple Lossless, .MP3, .MIDI.

In this regard, how do I import an audio file into GarageBand on Iphone?

Likewise, how do you import audio into GarageBand Mac? 1) Click the Media Browser button on the top right of the GarageBand window. 2) When the browser opens, choose either Audio or Movies at the top. 3) Expand the category you need, select a file, and drag it into your song.

People ask also, is there a PC version of GarageBand? GarageBand for Windows comes with a fully functional and complete sound library that includes voice, presets, and instruments. It’s an absolute asset for professionals because of its vast selection of session instruments.Per Apple – GarageBand plays everything at a sample rate of 44.1K. If you import something recorded at a sample rate of 48K it will play slower and at a lower pitch in GB. If you import something sampled at a rate of 22K, it will play faster and at a higher pitch in GarageBand.


How do I put audio files on my iPhone?

  1. Decide what files you’re adding to iTunes.
  2. Add your music files, if you’re using files instead of music from a CD.
  3. Choose the file or folder you’re importing and click “Open.”
  4. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
  5. Copy songs over to your iPhone.
  6. Disconnect your iPhone to listen to music on your device.
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How do I open audio files on my iPhone?

To browse more audio files from your device, go to the Library tab at the top of the music player. You can find and play songs stored in Documents or even stream music from your connected cloud services. To add a song to the current queue, tap … More on a track and select Add to Queue or Play Next.

How do I convert GarageBand to MP3 on iPhone?

  1. Within your GarageBand project, Click Share from Menu.
  2. Click Export Song to Disk…
  3. Select MP3 as the export format in the pop up box. Edit the song name and the export folder.
  4. Select audio quality and hit Export.

Why can’t I open an MP3 in GarageBand?

If you try to import MP3 files (like MP3 recorded from the Olympus LS-10) with the extension in upper case: “. MP3”, GarageBand will refuse to import those kinds of MP3 audio. In this case, change the MP3 file extension to lower case in order to import MP3 to GarageBand.

How do I import a MIDI file into GarageBand?

In GarageBand for Mac, drag the MIDI file you want to import from the Finder to a software instrument track or to the empty area below the existing tracks in the Tracks area. The MIDI file appears on one or more software instrument tracks.

How do you slow down audio in GarageBand?

What is similar to GarageBand?

  1. Audacity.
  2. Adobe Audition.
  3. Ableton Live.
  4. FL Studio.
  5. Cubase.
  6. Studio One.
  7. Reaper.
  8. Music Maker.
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What is comparable to GarageBand PC?

  1. Cakewalk.
  2. Magix MusicMaker.
  3. Akai MPC Beats.
  4. Ohm Studio.
  5. ‘Lite’ Software.

What sample rate does GarageBand use?

GarageBand is fixed to 44.1kHz Sample Rate and can only work with that Sample Rate. WHen you set the Audio Device to Internal Output on GarageBand and Logic, then both app will fight over who is allowed to change the Sample Rate. You can have the Audio MIDI Setup window open to see that struggle.

Can you import backing tracks into GarageBand?

If you have a Mac, you can transfer files to GarageBand using iTunes. This lets you import a song to an existing audio recorder or Amp track, and you can even ask GarageBand to create a new audio recorder track for the song.

How do you speed up an import in GarageBand?

To speed up a track in Garageband 10.1: First import the track from iTunes. Click on the track and then on the editors button at the top of the screen. At the top of the screen, drop the numbers in BPM to the right or left to adjust the speed of the track.

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