How & why choose a refurbished iMac?

Do you want to acquire the famous all-in-one desktop computer from Apple, but hesitate among the myriad of models on the market? Is it better to choose new or used? We show you in this article the advantages of opting for a refurbished iMac and all our tips for choosing the best model !


3 good reasons to choose a refurbished iMac

Are you still hesitating to take the reconditioned step? We present to you the advantages of this mode of consumption!

1. Unbeatable price without compromising on quality

Refurbished devices offer you quality that is close to new, at a second-hand price. So you can save 20-40% on average the price of the new item. In addition, if you care little about the external appearance of your machine and you don’t mind a few signs of wear, you maximize your chances of saving money! You won’t have to fall back on an entry-level configuration or model to get the Mac of your dreams.

2. A gesture for the planet

By opting for a refurbished iMac, you give a second life to a machine and prevent it from ending up in the dump. Reconditioning makes it possible to target and repair defective parts, in order to put the device back into the sales circuit, instead of producing a new one to replace it. In doing so, refurbished is a great way to reduce electronic wastebut also the use of materials whoseextraction is polluting and unethical.

3. More model choices

Between the release of the first iMac in 1998 and today, many models have been released on the market, and a large part of them are no longer marketed new by Apple. But that does not mean that the iMac models that are no longer in the catalog of the Apple brand are outdated, quite the contrary! If an older model is right for you, buying it refurbished is a good way to get theiMac of your dreams at a low price and in excellent condition. And even if the design of the iMac has been revised with the 2021 models, the previous models have an elegance and an almost retro charm that we never tire of.

iMac Pro in profile

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The case of the iMac Pro: The best Intel iMac for less

Released in 2017, the iMac Pro was removed from Apple’s catalog in March 2021, but can always be purchased refurbished. This desktop computer with a muscular build (Intel Xeon processor, 5K screen) was aimed at a audience of professionals with resource-intensive use (photo editing, video editing, etc.). It is therefore a computer with a excellent longevitywhich will be able to support office use for a long time to come, without complaining about more intensive occasional use.

What’s the difference between a used iMac and a refurbished iMac?

A refurbished iMac and a used iMac have one thing in common: they have been used in the past. Nevertheless, a refurbished iMac benefits from a technical review before handing over on sale. Unlike a second-hand machine, any technical issues have been fixedleaving you with a 100% functional machine. In many cases, the product is also under warranty, unlike a second-hand purchase made in the context of a sale between individuals.

How to choose the right refurbished iMac?

Different criteria come into play when choosing the Apple desktop computer that is right for you: configuration, screen, release year… All these criteria will have an impact on your budget. Let’s break them down to see more clearly.

Which iMac by release year: 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021?

Due to their quality of design, Apple computers have an excellent longevity, and remain performing many years after their release. In addition, the more you choose an old model, the more you will have the chance to save money. However, your computer may not benefit from the latest software features (operating system) and material (connectors, screen, etc.). Also note that a Mac with a too old version of the operating system may be more vulnerable to security breaches.

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So think carefully about features you need before making your purchase. For example, if you want to use the Universal Command feature, you’ll need a Mac that’s compatible with macOS Monterey 12.3 or later. The oldest iMac compatible with this version of the operating system is theiMac 2015. If you want a Mac for office use and Internet browsing, you can afford to choose an older model.

Screen size: 21.5, 24 or 27 inches?

the models released between 2009 and 2015 are available in 21.5 inches and 27 inches. The iMac M1 released in 2021 is available with a screen size of 24 inches.

For a professional usewe strongly recommend a larger screen, with 5K resolution. This will allow you to benefit from a larger work space (ideal for multitasking) andexcellent renderings visuals.

3 iMac models of different sizesFrom left to right, a 21.5″, 24″ and 27″ iMac

The system on chip & processor: Apple Silicon or Intel? i5, i7 or i9?

Since 2021, the iMac works with the Apple’s in-house systems on a chip. This notably allows the iMac M1 to offer impressive power in an extremely thin format. If you wish to benefit from a Ultra optimized iMac with the best possible longevity presently turn to the iMac M1.

If M1 chips overshadow Intel processors, that doesn’t mean that older iMac models running Intel Core or Xeon are no longer good for anything, quite the contrary! You can definitely opt for an iMac with a i5 processor for office work, and i7 or i9 for longer life and higher performance. And to benefit from the crème de la crème under Intel, opt for a iMac Pro with Xeon processor.

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Which refurbished iMac to buy in 2022?

Here are the iMac models to choose according to your use.

imac on a desk

Home & office use

We recommend choosing a iMac released between 2012 and 2020. An older model will be usable, but may be limited in functionality and more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities.

Professional use & multimedia creation

For professionals and creative professions that require demanding use (photo editing, video editing, code compilation, etc.), opt for a model with a powerful graphics card and processor. And for maximum longevity, also choose the amount of Maximum RAM.

  • Apple Silicon: iMac M1 2021
  • Intel Core: iMac Pro 2017, iMac 2020 (Core i9)
  • Where to buy a refurbished Apple computer?

    MacWay is a specialist in IT and the Apple universe for more than 30 years. We offer many models of refurbished Apple computers online and in stores. Thus, you will not only find iMacs, but also MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini or even Mac Pro. Our online site also includes a marketplace hosting many dealers specializing in refurbished items such as Okamacto make you benefit from an even wider selection of models.

    All refurbished products sold and shipped by MacWay have a one year commercial warranty, to cover you in the event of a problem. MacWay customer service is also available by phone and e-mail to advise you on the purchase of your iMac.

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