iOS 13 release date: when to download the beta and the final version?

The question that arises is recurring: When can I install iOS 13 on my iPhone? (and the same for watchOS 6, iPadOS or macOS Catalina).

Already, it is necessary to check if the iPhone is supported, it is here. Then here are the important dates to know about iOS 13 releasesfollowing the teaching of previous versions.

What is the release date of iOS 13?

Apple is never very specific when it presents its upcoming novelties. This avoids any pressure or potentially missed appointments. It is therefore a general public availability of iOS 13 et associated OS announced for “autumn” shared by Tim Cook during WWDC 2019.

So Autumn is vast, but there is no reason not to draw parallels with recent years. Apple has always announced a release of the new iOS for the fall and in practice the release takes place every year in September, shortly before the release of the new iPhones, just after the back-to-school conferencewhich takes place during the first half of September.

How to install iOS 13 before September?

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to wait until September… Those in a hurry will be able to take advantage of iOS 13 before the general public release date!

Thus, the Apple registered developers have already been able to install the first test version, called Beta, from this night. This one is necessarily and by definition very buggy, it is unaware to install it on a machine other than those reserved for tests. Find here how to participate in the public beta program.

Then, Apple has already announced a iOS 13 public betait will be in July officially. In practice, last year, the first beta of iOS 12 was released a little earlier, on June 25. The previous year, the public beta of iOS 11 appeared on June 27. We can therefore hope for the release of the first public iOS 13 beta at the end of June, at the very beginning of July. Again, this is a test version, it is better to reserve a machine other than the daily one rather than risk repeated crashes and other annoying bugs.

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As you will have understood, the official iOS 13 release date is indeed scheduled for September, and the public beta is already available, so you can download it by following the procedure indicated above.

Also read our summary of the WWDC 2019 conference, as well as the following articles on the new features announced, concerning iOS 13 in particular.

Update of July 26, 2019: beta 3 is available, the iOS 13 release date is getting closer day by day…

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