iPhone 11 went on sale in 2019, a day after iOS 13 was released


Introducing the iPhone 11

Designed and marketed by the Apple Company, theiPhone 11 is the thirteenth model of the iPhone generation that succeeds the iPhone XR. Unveiled alongside iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max on September 10, 2019 by Apple CEO Tim Cook, it officially went on sale on September 20, 2019, a day after iOS was released 13.

The characteristics of the iPhone 11


IPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD LCD touchscreen. It is splash and dust resistant. Thanks to the’degree of protection IP68 defined by the IEC 60529 standard, the iPhone 11 is able to stay for up to 30 minutes in water up to 2 meters deep.


Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro which has three 12-megapixel rear cameras, the iPhone 11 has two, allowing the user to shoot images. 4K videos at a rate of 60 frames per second and take pictures with a dual purpose (a wide angle and an ultra wide angle). At the front, it is equipped with a camera of 12 megapixels compatible with portrait mode.


Like the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 is equipped with a 64-bit system-on-chip of the Apple brand, theA13 Bionic. The latter is powerful, energy efficient and increases the battery life of the iPhone. In addition, it benefits from a 4 GB internal RAM memory.


The iPhone 11 embeds the best technologies of its generation. Indeed, it is compatible with 4G and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Thanks to its Lightning connection, the iPhone 11 screen can be visible on a large screen via an HDMI, USB, or even USB-C adapter.


IPhone 11 features facial recognition technology Face ID, which replaces the built-in fingerprint-based technology on some iPhone models. Thanks to the system of True Depth camera, Face ID lets you unlock the smartphone screen, make payments through Apple Pay, sign in to apps, and more. With this system, user data is encrypted and ultra secure.

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IPhone 11 comes in six colors: white, black, (PRODUCT) RED, purple, yellow, and green. Like the iPhone XR, it has a notch on the front for the True Depth camera. On the back it uses an aluminum alloy frame with environmentally friendly glass panels. The sides of the iPhone 11 integrate the volume buttons, the side button, the ring / silence button, the SIM card drawer (nano-SIM) and the Lightning connector.


The iPhone 11 comes in three storage capacities: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Battery and recharging

IPhone 11 charges quickly with its lithium-ion battery pack and supports 18-watt fast wired charging. Compatible with Qi certified induction charger, the iPhone battery recharges automatically wirelessly as soon as the iPhone is placed on the charger surface.


Apple offers many accessibility features that make it easy for deaf and hard of hearing people to use its smartphones such as magnifying glass, vibration, display of messages on the screen, etc. It also integrates a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, Siri, created and presented by Apple on October 4, 2011. It is a real intelligent personal assistant that allows you to perform various tasks such as sending messages, searching the internet, calling a contact, etc.

Weight and dimensions

Sleek, compact and light thanks to its weight of 194 grams, the iPhone 11 has the following dimensions: 75.7mm for the width, 150.9mm for the length and 8.3mm of thickness.

IPhone 11 compatibility

Operating system

IPhone 11 uses the iOS 13 operating system and is compatible with iOS 14. Developed by Apple for its mobile devices, ios is fluid and makes the use of Apple brand mobile devices pleasant. As of September 2018, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, more than two billion devices run iOS.

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IPhone 11 is compatible with AirPods and the wired lightning headphones or jack via a lightning adapter. In addition, there are many accessories available for the iPhone 11 user to protect the smartphone and the touch screen such as tempered glass panes, covers, cases, etc.

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