iPhone XS Max, one of Apple’s best performing smartphones


Introducing the iPhone XS Max

The twelfth generation iPhone XS Max is one of the most popular smartphones efficient developed and marketed by the Apple brand Apple in September 2018. If you want to know everything about this iPhone model, read the rest of this article to know its different characteristics!

The characteristics of the iPhone XS Max


The design of the iPhone XS Max is identical to the design of the iPhone XS with a stainless steel border and a notch at the top of the screen. At the rear, it is equipped with a resistant glass covering both sides of the iPhone for better protection of your device from scratches.


If you are looking for a smartphone with a big screen, you have made the right choice. IPhone XS Max has a screen Super Retina OLED multi-touch a size of 6.5 inch. It integrates the True Tone technology ensuring a sublime display of your videos and photos.


Equipped with a dual wide-angle camera and 12 megapixel telephoto lens On the back, this iPhone model lets you take high-resolution snapshots and 4K video recordings.

Storage capacity

This model offers you multiple possibilities in terms of storage capacity. So, you will find the iPhone XS Max in three capacities of 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Weight and dimensions

The iPhone XS Max is 157.5mm high and 77.4mm wide. Its thickness is 7.7 mm identical to that of the XS model. However, at 208 grams the iPhone XS Max is heavier than the iPhone XS.

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This iPhone model has a battery of more than 3174 mAh to give you a great autonomy to enjoy your music library on the go.


Difficulty seeing or hearing? The iPhone XS Max adapts to its user thanks to its various integrated features. Thus, thanks to Apple applications compatible with VoiceOver, visually impaired people can navigate their device thanks to an audio guide system that tells you what is happening on the screen. The display of content is also suitable for people with color blindness.


IPhone XS Max is equipped with a A12 Bionic processor faster and more energy efficient than the Apple A11 Bionic.


IPhone XS Max is equipped with a connector Lightning and is compatible with USB 3.1. In addition, it can connect to standard 5 Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi ac), Bluetooth 5.0, 4G with a speed of 1024 Mbit / s and is compatible with the GPS system.


The FaceID technology mean something to you? This is facial recognition technology (FaceID) that allows you to easily unlock your device. So, with this iPhone model you enjoy maximum security.

IPhone XS Max compatibility

Operating system

The new iPhone XS Max is designed with an iOS 12 operating system. Regular updating of Apple’s operating system allows the iPhone XS Max to run iOS 13 for better use of this smartphone. IPhone XS Max can support iOS 14.


For more convenience, many accessories for iPhone XS Max are available. Accessories such as shells, cases, tempered glass panes and protective films to protect the device against scratches, shocks and other incidents exist on the market. Likewise, you will find chargers, cables, power adapters and external batteries to never run out of battery.

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