Locating Your iPhone Serial Number

Your Iphone serial quantity is just not anything you want to know very usually, but you want to find it quickly when you need to have it. You may perhaps require to your phone’s serial variety if you are sending the gadget in for restore, examining your warranty position, or offering the cellphone, between other matters.

There are in fact a ton of strategies to find your Apple iphone serial number, they’re just not fully noticeable. This write-up supplies step-by-action recommendations for some of the most prevalent solutions.


How to Glance Up Serial Quantity on Apple iphone

Your iPhone’s serial number can be uncovered straight on the gadget.

You just need to have to know exactly where to look:

  1. Tap the Configurations application to open it.

  2. Faucet Standard.

  3. Tap About.

  4. Scroll down to the Serial Amount line.

  5. You can duplicate and paste the serial selection by tapping and keeping on it and then tapping Copy in the pop-up menu.

How to Discover Iphone Serial Quantity on the Iphone Alone

Relying on what model of Iphone you have, the serial quantity may well be engraved on the Iphone itself. In that situation, all you have to have to do is eject the SIM card tray and glance for the engraved serial range there. This alternative is only accessible on the Iphone 3G, Iphone 3GS, Apple iphone 4, and Apple iphone 4S. On the unique Iphone, the serial amount is engraved on the again of the system.

How to Discover Apple iphone Serial Amount in iTunes

Besides on the Apple iphone itself, you can discover the serial range in iTunes, too.

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Here’s what you must do:

  1. Connect the Apple iphone to a laptop or computer with iTunes set up on it. Join to iTunes using Wi-Fi or USB.

    If you don’t normally join this Iphone and this laptop, you could need to have to make it possible for them to join by tapping the Trust button in the pop-up window on the Apple iphone and/or getting into your Iphone passcode.

  2. Open iTunes if it won’t open mechanically.

  3. Click the Iphone icon in the leading remaining corner of iTunes, just below the playback controls.

  4. In the box at the prime of the key Iphone administration display screen, just beneath the Apple iphone product selection, seem for the Serial Amount part.

How to Locate Iphone Serial Amount in Apple iphone Backup

If you are not able to connect your Iphone to iTunes for some cause, you may perhaps still be ready to use iTunes to find the serial number.

If you’ve got backed up your Iphone to this laptop or computer in the past, the backup file basically consists of the serial variety. Here is how to find it:

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. Open the Tastes window. On a Mac, do this by way of iTunes > Choices. On Windows, go to Edit > Choices.

  3. In the Choices window, click on Units.

  4. On this tab, the Device backups area lists all of the gadgets that have been backed up to this laptop. If the Iphone whose serial amount you might be on the lookout for is there, hover your mouse over it (you should not simply click it, although).

  5. In a next or two, a window will show up with data about the Apple iphone that was backed up, like the serial selection.

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How to Find Apple iphone Serial Quantity On-line

If the Iphone won’t transform on, and you have not backed it up to iTunes (or never have your iTunes close by), you can get the serial selection for your telephone from Apple’s website. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Apple ID web-site at https://appleid.apple.com/.

  2. Signal in applying the same Apple ID you use on the Apple iphone whose serial amount you want.

  3. Scroll down to the Devices segment and come across the machine you will need.

  4. Click on the unit and a window will show up with facts about the cellular phone in it, which includes the serial amount.

How to Discover Iphone Serial Range on the Unique Packaging

If none of the other solutions introduced so considerably perform for you, you should really be ready to get your iPhone’s serial variety from the initial packaging it arrived in — assuming you’ve continue to bought that.

Look at the unique box and look at the back. On the base on the back of the box are a collection of barcodes. 1 of them is the serial variety.

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