Navigon iPhone passes the second: new interface, maps to download and promos for the occasion (videos)


Today, Navigon, one of the “best seller” of the Appstore in terms of
GPS has updated its app.

This V2 brings its share of expected and less expected new features for
others as we will discover a little further down in this article.

For the occasion the versions
Europe – €59.99 and
France – 49.99€ are on sale
. Maybe it’s time to
offer you a good GPS for your iPhone and iPad.

In this update we find several improvements

First of all, it should be noted that the interface has been totally
and that it is extremely fluid (tested on iPhone 4) and
now “focused” on cartography.



The size of the app has been reduced and weighs only 45
. But don’t rejoice too soon because you will need
download additional 205.5 MB of “Required Files” for version
France for example. If you add Andorra and Monaco you will increase to 330


The Europe version allows you to download one country at a time
thus saving some space in your iPhone since it is possible to
only download the countries you really need. For information each
country weighs on average between 200 and 300 MB.

On the other hand the France version does not allow you to buy cards
additional European
. Nor is it possible
to download only songs from France. Pity.


Latest novelty which is likely to not to please you

It is indeed a real turning point for GPS apps on
. Map updates will no longer be free
(be careful not to misunderstand, this update is free)
will have to be made by an In App purchase which will cost you 24.99 euros for Europe
even if you have the French version… We do not yet know how long
update will give right these 25€, one year, more… We tried to join
Garmin (new owner of Navigon) for clarification, no response
for the moment.

Psssssst :  How to download zoom on my imac?


There is no doubt that the other GPS applications in the App Store, that you can find
on our special GPS page
are likely to quickly follow the

Waiting for, Navigon remains an excellent GPS you and I
offers to briefly discover this V2 in videos for you
to convince :

The new interface:

Downloading maps after purchase or update:

To be complete on the subject, the Sygic Europe GPS is also on sale
as you can see in our App space in permanent promotions here in the right column on or

in the dedicated tab on the and HD application

On the same subject :

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