New iPhone 8 version (Red): first unboxing video and its exclusive wallpaper to download


This Monday, Apple announced new
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in
“Red” version, launched as part of the support for research against the
AIDS. They are available for pre-order with delivery scheduled for
April 16.

While waiting for the first users to receive their iPhone 8 “Red”,
a few American tech YouTubers received an early copy to
publish unboxing videos and raw
on this “Red” version.

The famous tech YouTuber MKBHD unveils a first iPhone 8
More in “Red” version and compares it to that of the iPhone 7 last year. He
shows that this year’s red is much more lively and

Another big difference from last year’s “Red” version,
the front side is no longer white, but blackwhich makes
much better in our opinion.

The wallpaper used for official Apple images showing this
new iPhone 8 is also available for download for
iPhone X and for others
iPhone models.


What do you think of this iPhone 8 in “Red” version? Is it a color
what would you like to have?



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