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At MacWay, we are very aware of the latest news concerningMac news and new accessories. Our specialists regularly test new accessories for Mac in real condition to offer the best in order to improve the use of your computer. As a Mac user, we know the expectations of the most demanding users, which is why each new product undergoes tests in real conditions to guarantee the best quality to our customers.


Full screen Silver for MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2016/2017 (A1706-A1708)

A new screen for your MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2016 – 2017. It may happen that your Macbook Pro has fallen to the ground and the screen is cracked and therefore unusable. Do not panic, spare parts for Mac exist and allow a repair without too much trouble. For computer repair professionals or individuals with a bit of a hack, this spare part Macbook Pro screen allows you to easily replace the damaged original one.

Its main asset: the complete pack including the screen and its back cover, its resolution and its display qualities respected as those of the original version.

Used Macs are at MacWay

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Why take a used Mac? In view of the ever higher price of Apple computers, not everyone can enjoy the recognized quality of Macs. This is why the second-hand market has developed and offers a wide choice to users wanting to take advantage of the robustness and simplicity of a Mac at a reasonable price.

While it may have signs of wear, the fact remains that the usability of the machine is not affected.

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub – USB-C, RJ45 and HDMI Docking Station

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub - USB-C, RJ45 and HDMI Docking Station

The portable solution to connect all your devices to your USB-C computer ! Easy to set up to turn your Macbook into a complete workstation.

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Its main asset: the number and variety of ports available, its Passthrough technology for quickly supplying available devices.

Macally BTDYNAMOUSE Black – Optical Bluetooth Mouse

Macally BTDYNAMOUSE Black Optical Bluetooth Mouse

Opt for the freedom of wireless at a reasonable price! The constructor Macally, well known among Apple users for the quality and design of its products, offers us a mouse at a time elegant, practice and silent. Its refined finish blends in perfectly with the elegance of Macs.

Its main asset: its wireless connectivity to free up a USB port and its lightness.

Macally HardShell Transparent – Protective cover for MacBook Air 13 ″ (2018)

Protective cover for MacBook Air 13" (2018)

A second skin to effectively protect your MacBook Air 2018. Both elegant and robust, this Protective cover for MacBook Air 13 ″ (currently -20% at will act as a second skin to effectively protect your Macbook Air without damaging its chassis.

Its main asset: its shock and scratch resistant polycarbonate design.

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