Our top 11 iPhone photo accessories

Among the many advantages of the iPhone, the quality of the photos obtained with this smartphone of the brand Apple is indisputable. To always improve your photos to publish them on social networks or for your personal use, discover our top 11 iPhone accessories dedicated to photography.


An iPhone accessory for the photo, what is it for?

If the photo and video quality is already at the rendezvous with the iPhone 12 or previous versions, photo accessories allow you to personalize the use of the smartphone and obtain pictures that are brighter, less blurry or with new effects. But that’s not all: if you buy a portable photo printer with your iPhone, you will also have the possibility to print your best photos directly, wherever you are.

Discover all the other essential accessories for iPhone

The best accessories for a quality selfie on iPhone

The selfie stick

It is now well known to fans of self-portraits: the selfie stick allows you to increase the distance between your face and your smartphone, so as to obtain a higher shooting angle. Extend the use of your phone or camera by opting for a pole with an external battery like the pole Novodio Smart Self. Capable of offering an autonomy of 2600 mAh, this boom is available at the best quality / price ratio on our site.

The Selfie Tripod with Ring Light for Vlog, Instagram and more!

In selfie mode, it’s not always easy to create a bright atmosphere that highlights us. To overcome this problem and take selfies that require little or no filter, the use of a Selfie tripod with Ring Light integrated is a bright idea. Typically offering multiple lighting temperature levels, this tripod also helps you find the most suitable height and angle. So if you are planning to shoot or make videos for your Youtube channel, the Selfie Tripod with Ring Light is the accessory you need! For those who travel often, consider buying a less bulky, compact and lightweight tripod like the Joby GripTight one GP Magnetic Impulse, ideal for capturing quality images and videos with your iPhone. Available on our site at an affordable price, do not hesitate, place your order quickly in order to benefit from a fast delivery!

The trigger button

Thanks to this iphone photo prop, no need to keep your smartphone at arm’s length to get a convincing selfie. Operating using Bluetooth, this button triggers your smartphone’s camera remotely. You can therefore strike a pose as if it were a friend holding your device: practical!

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Say goodbye to blurry photos and videos

The flexible tripod

Easy to set up, the flexible tripod adapts to the vast majority of surfaces thanks to its 3 feet capable of twisting in all directions. On a tree branch, at the edge of a desk or at a height, place your iPhone wherever you want to create an ever more surprising viewing angle.


Resembling a shorter and thicker selfie stick, the stabilizer facilitates the taking of moving images. Depending on the model, it can integrate intelligent features to go even further. For real pro equipment, this is the motorized stabilizer that you have to try! How about taking a look at our wide range of stabilizers from DJI Osmo Mobile 4, Feiyu Tech and Aibird? Available for less than 155 € on our site, they will perfectly meet your expectations.

More sophisticated lenses

The hulls

Several manufacturers offer shells designed to accommodate additional lenses. Big angle, macro, Fisheye… The renderings are multiple and varied. A great alternative to buying a Reflex camera!


For even greater simplicity and in order to avoid compatibility problems, the kits which combine a case with one or more lenses represent an ideal solution to improve the quality of your photos and videos. There again, different brands are present on the market, such as Ollocip, many of their products are available from MacWay.

Olloclip kit – lens and covers for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Fight the dark with the right iPhone accessory

A fill flash

Fill-in flash is essential for solving lighting problems or creating beautiful shadows, and usually has a built-in battery. Adjustable in intensity via a dedicated application, it adapts to the conditions of use for optimal results.

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Is it possible to print your photos from outside?

Technological advances never stop: it is now possible to share photos with loved ones directly after taking them with your iPhone, without waiting.

The portable printer

THE’portable printer is ideal equipment for printing images wherever you are. Lightweight and compact, it is particularly suitable for mobile use and connects to the phone via Bluetooth. MacWay offers you different models, including Agfa portable photo printer, compatible with iPhone, it is able to print your photos quickly and with a natural rendering. Place your order quickly and receive your product as soon as possible.

Storage devices, more than just an accessory for iPhone

Because photos and videos can quickly take up the available memory on your iPhone, investing in an external storage solution is a worthwhile idea.

USB flash drive for iPhone

Thanks to the USB key that connects directly to the iPhone via the port Lightning, no need to go through a computer to store your photos and videos on external storage. Ultra nomadic, this backup accessory allows you to easily keep your favorite images close at hand and share them, without overloading your smartphone memory.

SD card reader for iPhone

To overcome the impossibility of inserting a microSD card in your iPhone, there is a simple external storage solution: go for a Lightning Transcend RDA2 card reader.

You can easily increase the storage capacity of your iPhone to save all your best shots. To expand your connection, use a USB-C adapter, also compatible with the iPad.

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