Recap: the 6 articles you should not miss this week

A new week rich in Apple news ends on this Sunday. Today is a day of rest, but also synonymous with an assessment for the past 7 days. Some of you may not necessarily have the time to read us every day from morning to evening, so they could greatly benefit from a summary of the week mentioning the most read articles over the period.

This is precisely what we are offering you here. Here are the unmissable articles of the week, to read or reread and of course to comment on.

The unmissable of the last 7 days

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Other recent news, to go even further

The sources are in English in the majority of cases.

  • So-called ‘patent troll’ company drops lawsuit against Apple without saying why (source)
  • Ricky Martin in the upcoming production Mrs. American Pie from Apple TV+ (source)
  • Sumbul Desai, head of Apple gives an interview on Apple Watch and health at CBS (source)
  • TikTok launches paid subscriptions (source)
  • AirTag sensor helps police catch suspect (source)
  • The new Apple Store in Wuhan, China is open (source)
  • BOE, an Apple subcontractor, modified the iPhone screens without the agreement of the Californian, who did not appreciate (source)
  • Apple wins lawsuit over MacBook Pro screen issue (source)
  • TikTok bets on gaming in the future (source)
  • According to Daniel Ives, Apple will go through 2022, a year of crises, without incident (source)
  • CleanMyMac adds a new tool to track the health of your Mac (source)
  • Netflix expands its catalog of mobile games with 4 new titles (source)
  • Improved support for Apple Music in the Waze app (source)
  • The mobile market collapses by 10% in Europe compared to 2021, but for Apple, everything is fine (source)
  • According to Apple, the iOS ecosystem has created 300,000 jobs in France in 2021 (source)
  • Apple patent shows touch controls on Apple Pencil (source)
  • Apple raises minimum wage for Apple Store employees (source)
  • Many e-learning apps for children benefit greatly from the data of its young users (source)
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