Reddit’s third-party app “Apollo” promises change

Reddit is a real UFO in today’s web. While social networks all look more and more alike, not hesitating to take inspiration from the new fashionable concept to surf on it and access ever more users and therefore traffic. The latest example of this “digital fashion” was the TikTok phenomenon, which is now taken up both on Instagram with the “Reels” and on YouTube with the “Shorts”.

But Reddit is not like that. On this particular social network in many aspects, the information is not clearly available, and the user experience has nothing to do with Twitter, Facebook and the other behemoths in the sector. So, to get a place with the general public, many third-party services exist, making the use of Reddit easier.

Among all these applications that exist on iOS and Android, “Apollo” is surely one of the best known. Although very popular with Reddit users, Apollo has just had the right to an update that makes it think bigger and bigger. With this new update it is notably possible to have access to a Remind Me, a sort of reminder that is quite common on Reddit.

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The app also features a rebuilt notifications experience in this new version. Highly customizable, the app even lets the user choose which notification sound they want to hear. If the application is now free on the App Store, it is now part of Apple’s “editorial choices” in its application store.

Note that several features are available by paying a subscription of €0.99 per month for Apollo Ultra. A hybrid version, Apollo Pro also exists, it is available for single purchase for less than 5€.

You can download the application by clicking here.

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