Selection of the 5 best new iPhone games of the week (including a very big license)

As with new films, the majority of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. It is therefore like every week, on this day, that we offer you a selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

In this new batch, there are surely some beautiful pearls to put in your mouth, like those present in the previous list to be found there, like Dislyte to download there, Emoji Arena available here or Super Citycon: Build a City 3D available right there on the App Store.

We present to you what seems to us to be the most qualitative. In any case, some of the games are free and can be tested easily. So don’t wait to make up your own mind! Don’t hesitate to come back and read us regularly so you don’t miss any news about games on iOS, among others.


our selection

Apex Legends

  • Description : Apex Legends is a big title, which has already made its way to PC. This is a multiplayer shooter, taking place in a futuristic environment, and where everyone has exclusive special abilities. You can battle online in Team Deathmatches. It is then a question of controlling his hero to make him as useful as possible to his teammates. Unity is strength in Apex Legends. Talent, audacity and experience too, of course. In any case, here is a highly anticipated game that is coming to iPhone and iPad, to the delight of iOS players, at a time when Fortnite is still unplayable via the App Store.
  • WE love : the top level achievement and popularity of the game, which ensures to find opponents easily for online matches
  • Download link : here on the App Store
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Company of Heroes Collection

  • Description : Discover the complete adventure of the Company of Heroes game and all its additional content with Company of Heroes Collection. Go to war with this real-time strategy title and lead your troops to victory. Relive the key battles of the Second World War, at the command of legendary battalions, during Operation Overlord, in particular, but also for the crossing of Normandy, until the arrival in Berlin, via Paris of course. Use tactical intelligence to secure the objectives of each mission and collect as many medals as possible while losing as few men as possible. Comapny of Heroes is a game acclaimed by critics and players, which will make you experience strong emotions
  • We like: the STR genre, respected, and here very appreciable. It is also always a special feeling to play the landing of the Allied forces on June 6, 1944.
  • Download link : download here

PUBG Mobile 2.0

  • Description : while Fortnite is still unavailable in the App Store, PUBG Mobile has a clear field to shine in the fighting and survival game category. And precisely, its developers take the opportunity to update the game and move it to version 2.0. The figure bears witness to this, this is a major update, bringing many new features. In particular, there is a new map of Livik completely revised with new supply zones, the football field, the zip lines, etc., a new collaboration mode, the return of the Metro Royale game mode, new objects, including alloy armor, a new utility vehicle, the UTV, and other ergonomic improvements, including one affecting haptic feedback. In parallel, the update launches the new season C2S6
  • We like: a game that is still just as effective, fun, addictive, and infinitely replayable. Games with friends are the most memorable and create moments that remain etched in the memory of players forever
  • Download link : available here on the App Store
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  • Description: role-playing game mixing action and survival, already available on console for a few months. You play as a man who remained confined for several years to save himself from an apocalyptic catastrophe. You finally leave your shelter to discover a new world, populated by horrible creatures, and in which you seem to be the only survivor. Find tools, improve your shelter, make food, after successfully fishing or hunting in a hostile environment. In short, try to survive as long as possible on this island full of puzzles, which you can also try to solve to perhaps find the answers to your many questions.
  • WE love : the theme, deep and serious, which contrasts with the colorful style, and the rather quirky atmosphere
  • Download link : here on the app store

Get-A-Grip Chip: the Body Bugs

  • Description : 2D platform game. One more will you tell me… Except that in Get-A-Grip Chip: the Body Bugs, on the one hand, the production is excellent (the game was originally released on Nintendo Switch). On the other hand, the character you play has very special abilities. You therefore play as a small robot armed with a magnet, with which you can cling to many points in several dozen levels. Cross these without being trapped, twirling a little in all directions. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the game and its very catchy music
  • We like: a principle seen and reviewed, but particularly mastered in Get-A-Grip Chip: the Body Bugs, and carried by a cute and endearing hero. We warmly recommend you!
  • Download link : meet here
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You have tested new features, appreciated or not, do not hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

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