The 1st iPhone also called Apple iPhone 2G dates from 2007!


Presentation of the first Apple iPhone (2007 – 2008)

The very first model in a long series was the iPhone 1, also known as “iPhone 2G”. It was presented on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs at an event organized by the Apple company. Bringing together 3 products: phone, iPod, and internet browser, this first iPhone revolutionized the concept of mobile telephony. Back then, mobile phones with keypads were common in the cellphone market, and the iPhone was the very first phone without a keypad, consisting only of a touchscreen and a home button, which created a real change in the way of conceiving the use of a cell phone. The iPhone was then released in the United States on June 29 of the same year and initiated the evolution of smartphones as we know them today.

The characteristics of the iPhone 2G


The screen of the first iPhone measures 3.5 inches. It has a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels and can display a variety of 16 million colors.


The iPhone 1 does not have a front camera, only a 2 megapixel rear camera that has a fixed focus. It is therefore not possible to focus manually.


The American company’s first smartphone features a Samsung ARM11 1176JZ (F) -S chip and a 60 MHz Power-VR MBX Lite graphics processor.


Equipped with quad-band GSM cellular connectivity, GPRS, and EDGE for data sharing, the iPhone presented in 2007 by Steve Jobs has access to the internet through his Safari web browser. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 and the Wi-Fi network. In terms of connectivity, the iPhone 1 has a jack and a 30-branch dock connector.


The first iPhone has proximity sensors, brightness and an accelerometer. This first Apple smartphone does not have a body recognition sensor that would allow facial or digital recognition.

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the iPhone 2G has a slim and elegant design for the time. Its touch screen does not cover the entire surface of the phone, but is positioned in the center of the device. The outlines of the phone, like the back of the device, are gray in color, but not only because the bottom is colored black, thus tracing a “base” or “foot” visible on the back of the phone.


The storage capacity of this first model can vary between 4, 8 and 16 Gigabytes.


The iPhone 2G contains a battery with an autonomy of 250 hours on standby and 08 hours in communication.


Accessibility features for people with visual or hearing disabilities did not yet exist at this time. the iPhone 2G therefore did not have accessibility features. Accessibility features were not yet developed when the first iPhone was released.

Weight and dimensions

This first Apple smartphone measures 115 mm in height, 61 mm in width and 11.6 mm in depth, for a weight of 135 grams.

IPhone 2G compatibility

Operating system

Wanting to differentiate itself from the competition, Apple has developed its own operating system, the iPhone OS which stands for “iPhone Operating System”, Which the company has equipped with its first phone (iPhone OS) and which it will keep for these future models.


The iPhone 1 is mainly compatible with multimedia accessories. Its jack port allows it to be connected to headphones or music headphones with a 3.5 mm jack tip cable. In addition, the iPhone 2G, like many other phones of the time, could be equipped with a protective shell or case.

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