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Even if the locking of smartphones is done less and less nowadays, some telephone operators are exceptions on the iPhone. Apple, in order to keep control of its devices, has made available to mobile network operators such as SFR, Orange, Bouygues, Free, etc. a special application that will allow them to unlock iPhones and other electronic equipment from the Apple brand.


Block an iPhone, what does it mean?

a iPhone blocked Where simlocked means that it can only be used with the SIM card of the operator where the consumer bought his smartphone. For example, if you buy an iPhone from SFR then it will only work with a SIM card from the SFR operator. The carrier often blocks the iPhone for a specific length of time, such as the length of time the customer has engaged with the carrier. When an iPhone is blocked, users cannot make phone calls, send text messages, or browse the internet through the mobile network of another mobile operator. Only emergency calls and internet access via a Wi-Fi connection will be possible.

In addition, access codes can also lock iPhones to protect user data. In the event of theft or forgetting of the password of an iPhone, after several attempts with incorrect codes, Apple blocks its access. Thus, to have access to it again, the user must erase the content of his smartphone. In order to limit this blocking problem, the iPhone has been equipped with fingerprint recognition technology, Touch ID (from iPhone 5s), then facial recognition (Face ID), from the iPhone X. But the user, in the settings of his iPhone, can configure the erasure of the content of his iPhone after a certain number of failed access attempts.

Unlock an iPhone: what is it for?

Unlocking or unlocking an iPhone allows users to freely choose their preferred operator. Indeed, when the iPhone is unlocked, it works with all SIM cards around the world.

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As a reminder, Apple does not unlock iPhone locked. Only thephone operator where you purchased your iPhone is authorized to do so. the unlocking Where unlocking iPhone free of charge has been compulsory in certain countries such as Singapore, Israel and Belgium since 2009. In France, the user must wait three months (six months previously) after purchase to unlock his iPhone with his operator for free. the unlocking before the three-month period is billed. To know if an iPhone is locked or unlocked, user can check it by following methods:

Verification via iPhone settings

It is one of the most simple and efficient which allows you to check if your iPhone is Locked by a telephone operator. The steps to follow:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone;
  • Select “Cellular data” then “network selection”;
  • Activate “Automatic” and wait. If the iPhone is unlocked, it will pick up the network of your SFR, Bouygues, Orange, Free SIM card… If it can’t get a network then that means the iPhone is locked.
  • Verification via a SIM card from another operator

    This method allows the user to perform verification through a SIM card from another operator. The steps are as follows:

  • Switch off the iPhone using the button provided for this purpose;
  • Remove the SIM card from your operator;
  • Insert a chip from another operator;
  • Turn on the iPhone then make a phone call. The iPhone is unlocked if it works and if not, a message of incompatibility of the SIM card will be displayed on your touch screen.
  • Verification via iPhone IMEI code

    This method lets you know if your iPhone is unlocked using its IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This code allows an operator to know the smartphones that use his network and thus be able to block or unblock it. Where can you find your IMEI code? Depending on the version of your iPhone, you will find it on the back of your smartphone, on the support of the SIM card or via if the phone is not in your possession. The verification process is as follows:

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  • Go to the site;
  • Enter the IMEI code of the iPhone, then click on “CHECK”;
  • Click on “Sim Lock Status Check” to find out if your iPhone is locked or unlocked;
  • The result is displayed.
  • Remote verification with an Apple technician

    This method is one of the most reliable to find out if your iPhone is unlocked or not. The steps are of the verification are as follows:

  • Contact theapple support by telephone;
  • Select the service concerned by following the instructions on the voice mailbox;
  • Getting in touch with an Apple expert after a few minutes of waiting;
  • In order to carry out a verification, the expert will ask you a few questions;
  • The expert will ask you for your IMEI code to make sure that you are the real owner of the iPhone;
  • If you are the owner of the iPhone then the expert will do the check and tell you whether your smartphone is simlocked or not.
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