The excellent runner “Chameleon Run” iPhone and iPad is currently available: here’s how to download it for free


Very regularly, Apple takes advantage of its
iOS application “Apple Store” to offer apps and games to its users.
This is the case again today and for a few weeks, with
Chameleon Run

We were able to appreciate its quality during a test made at
its release, to read again

But be careful, you don’t have to go through the app store where
the game is on sale at 2.29 euros. Here is how to download it on iPhone
and iPad without spending a penny:

Chameleon Run

With Chameleon Run, we are in the now vast domain of “runners”,
these games in which the main character is fully launched, with the mission
avoid obstacles in order to go as far as possible. But this one, very
colorful and in side view, is original and very well done. It was appreciated in
this is.

Here it is on video:

Not necessarily easy, that’s what also makes it attractive, it’s
rated 4.5 stars on the App Store. How to install the game for free

Open the “Apple Store” app or
install it by downloading it here if you haven’t already. Once
launched, go to the “Discover” tab then go down a little to reach the
mention “Exclusively for you” above the game icon
Chaemeleon. You must then press a first time on “Download
for free”, then on the next page, again press “Download


The App Store app then opens, with the promo code already entered. It’s that
code that allows free download. Enter your associated password
to the iTunes account and validate by clicking on “Use”, the download
should start automatically.

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Please note: at no time should you go directly through
the App Store on your machine and at no time should a price be displayed
before downloading, if so, you did not follow the instructions correctly.
instructions, start again!

Once downloaded, the app is yours, it is associated with
your account and can be updated and (re)installed on your iPhone, iPad
with your regular App Store account.

You have until June 15 to take advantage of it.

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