The iPhone video accessories you shouldn’t miss

Want to get started in making videos, but don’t have a digital camera? Use your iPhone! Very powerful, it allows you to shoot videos at a professional level thanks to the essential quality accessories.


The best accessories for making smooth, crisp videos

To shoot smooth and crisp professional director-worthy videos, a variety of accessories are available on the market such as:


Ideal support for the smartphones, camera or GoPro, the stabilizer allows reduce tremors during a shooting in order to provide good image quality to the user. There are several models of stabilizers on the market, namely stabilizers which are designed especially for smartphones, stabilizers which have a camera, and many others.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 – Stabilizer for smartphone and iPhone

The selfie stick

Practical and easy to use, the poles To selfies are ultra-portable and allow iPhone users to hold their smartphone snugly while filming. Some selfie sticks have the bluetooth technology, allowing a wireless remote connection, and a built-in battery to recharge the phone.

The tripod

the tripod is a support that allows stabilize your iPhone when shooting outdoors to take videos without shaking. Several tripod models are available on the market, namely tripods To jaw, perfect for rocky places thanks to their flexibility. In a smaller format, the tripods portable like that of INECK can be taken anywhere: to the beach, hiking or skiing. You will also find lighted tripods, which provide high lighting for your videos, very useful for places with low light. The tripods are compact, easy to transport and use.

High brightness for professional-quality videos

Creators of digital content like bloggers and YouTubers tend to activate their iPhone’s flash when they encounter backlighting or poor lighting conditions. But that often doesn’t solve the lighting problem properly. Therefore, some additional equipment may be necessary to transform your iPhone 12, iPhone 11 or other into a real camera such as:

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The Selfie Ring Light

Ring-shaped, the Selfie Ring Light are compact, light and very practical for people looking for strong light. They attach directly to the top of the iPhone screen and can also attach to your computer screen. In addition, they are equipped with rechargeable battery via a USB cable dedicated.

Ring Light tripod for selfie Selfie Tripod with Ring Light

Selfie tripods

Equipped with a light ring, selfie tripods like the one from MacWay are adjustable according to the height of the user. They are generally sold as a kit, with several color lighting modes to meet the brightness requirements of all users.

Great videos with iPhone accessories

Case with lenses

There are cases with multiple lenses, which provide both optimal protection for your iPhone and improved video quality.


Lenses, also known as lenses, are must-have accessories for video makers with iPhone. They improve the quality of your video by changing the shooting angle of your iPhone. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the lenses attach above your smartphone’s camera without impacting its flash. They can accompany you wherever you go, and are perfect for filming your vacation in high resolution.

Other essential iPhone accessories for video

For more comfort in the production of a video, other essential additional equipment should be favored such as:

External battery

In order not to run out of battery during video shooting, it is strongly recommended to have a backup battery. External batteries are compact, practical and can accompany you on all your trips (travel, office, etc.). There are a variety of external batteries such as USB batteries, Qi nomadic batteries, batteries with an integrated Lightning plug like that of Novodio … There are also iPhone cases with built-in battery, ideal for those who want to protect the design of their iPhone and extend their battery life at the same time.

Gray Novodio PureWatt hard driveNovodio PureWatt Turbo 10K

External hard drive

Essential equipment for those who handle a lot of digital files, the Hard disk is one of the best storage solutions out there. It allows the user to protect their important data in the event of a breakage or theft of their iPhone. The external hard drive also allows iPhone users to free up the storage space of the smartphone.

LaCie model Rugged USB-C 1 TB hard drive with orange edge LaCie Rugged 1TB USB-C

Lightning USB Flash Drives

A lightning usb stick lets do a lot of things. Indeed, it can be used to save photos locally, transfer content between macOS and iOS without having to use the internet and of course increase the storage capacity of your iPhone. With the Lightning card reader Transcend RDA2 you can easily increase the storage capacities of your iPhone, iPad and iPod. The 2 ports of the Transcend RDA2 allow you to read SD and microSD cards.

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