This new iOS app store lets you download GameBoy games

You are an undisputed fan of Mario Kart on Game Boy or Nintendo DS, and you did not necessarily appreciate the new version of the video game available on the AppStore? The specialized iOS developer Riley Testut has the solution for you: an emulator specially designed for smartphones from the apple brand, and allowing access to the old programs of these legendary game consoles.

In fact, its emulator called “Delta” has been available for some time. But for a few days, the man has lifted the veil on one of his projects coming to refine the access to his program running old video games on iPhone: an application store called “AltStore”, and which “would push the limits of iOS”.


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AltStore, for those nostalgic for game consoles

All that was needed was a platform to consolidate the emulator programs for Riley Testut’s project to be completed. This is now done with the release of the AltStore, a sort of alternative to the AppStore which was launched on September 28 on the web, according to its creator on Twitter.

The application store will have the particularity of being available to all users, because downloading the program does not require “jailbraking” the smartphone. The only constraint will be the need to have a Mac or a computer running Windows 10, in order to download AltServer, which will act as a relay with the phone.

This necessary link between a computer and the smartphone with the emulator is essential. This is indeed the only constraint that Riley Testut could not circumvent: the man used a method proposed by Apple so that developers can download their own mobile application without going through the AppStore. Nevertheless, the security is such that only 7 days later, the program is automatically deleted.

The computer will therefore have the role of updating the programs every week, so that they can always be accessed.

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What console supports present?

By downloading the AltStore and the integrated Delta emulator, you will be able to play various games from the NES, SNES, Game Boy and recently Nintendo DS consoles. Some have already been able to test different games such as Mario Bross, Mario Kart, but also the different series of Pokémon games.

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