Transform Your Old iPhone Into Wall Art With This Tutorial

Don’t know what to do with the old Apple iphone which is collecting dust in your desk drawer? You have a good deal of selections. Donate it to charity, trade it in for funds, use it as an iPod—or do as Lifehacker implies and renovate it into a hanging piece of wall art.

Instructables user Purincess offers a movie tutorial on how to establish a custom wooden frame for your Apple iphone 3G/3GS or Apple iphone 4/4S cell phone, working with a board, a laser cutter, Exacto knife, or drill push with a circle cutting software. Simply established your phone’s screen to the picture or graphic you want, slide it into the body at the time it is really concluded, and mount it on the wall. You can also switch the cellular phone into a clock by switching the display to present the time.

Look at the video clip above, or browse the tutorial’s full directions phase-by-action on the Instructables web page.

[h/t Lifehacker]

All visuals courtesy of iStock. 

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